Luana Piovani shares posts criticizing Wanessa Camargo on BBB 24 – Zoeira

Luana Piovani shares posts criticizing Wanessa Camargo on BBB 24 – Zoeira

actress Luana Piovani In the early hours of Tuesday (6), posts criticizing the singer’s position were re-published on Instagram Wanessa CamargoWhich participates in BBB 24.

Wanessa is dating Dado Dolabella, Luana's ex-boyfriend. They dated for two years. In October 2008, he was charged with a crime Physical injuries Against her and her employee.

One of the posts shared by the actress says: “psst.” [de Davi] Activates triggers on Wanessa. three [processos pela lei] Maria da is not among them. In another post that Luana reposted, the follower said: “The current husband is with three Maria da Penha, the former famous like Luana Piovani, and he continues to be angry with Davi.”

A few days ago, Luana mocked on social media a song written by artist Luanisa about her participation in the international reality show.

Attacks on Luana Piovani

In October 2008, Dado Dolabella was charged with bodily harm. The penalty for this crime can reach up to three years in prison. Lawana claimed that Dadu slapped her in the face in a fight because of the actor’s jealousy. The maid who tried to break up the fight ended up getting killed too. The two filed complaints at the time.

The Rio Court of Justice (TJRJ) sentenced the actor to two years and nine months in prison.

Dolabella was arrested for 24 hours in 2009 for violating a court order to stay 250 meters away from Piovani. But he appealed the decision, and in 2013, a TJRJ judge overturned the conviction, claiming that “it is well known and public that the victim in question was never a woman oppressed or subject to the whims of men.”

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In 2014, the case ended up in the Supreme Court, which unanimously overturned and upheld Dadu's conviction. However, despite the conviction, the defendant never served his sentence because the assault was time-barred.

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