Low mileage? Why does running too little cause problems for your car?

Low mileage?  Why does running too little cause problems for your car?

According to Erwin Vranek, technology and innovation mentor in advanced engineering at SAE Brasil, the engine needs to reach a certain temperature so that the heat can expand the internal components, thus providing ideal operating and lubrication conditions.

Continuous use of the car for very short trips, insufficient to reach the correct temperature, accelerates the wear process and increases fuel consumption.

“Driving for less than 15 minutes does not even heat up the engine oil, making it impossible to provide proper lubrication. There are cars with low mileage that show up to three times more wear than a more commonly used example, which runs more time at an ideal temperature.” .

Irwin Vranek reports that ethanol-fueled vehicles tend to present more problems in the “cold phase,” especially in locations with lower temperatures.

“On cold days, an ethanol-powered engine is more difficult to start in older cars, without a preheat system. More fuel is injected at startup and the unburned portion of the ethanol generates water as a residue. If the engine does not start when preheated properly, don’t “The water evaporates and ends up contaminating the oil, compromising its performance.”

Parking the vehicle for a long period requires expenses

A car that has been parked for a long time suffers from the effects of corrosion and poses other problems Photo: personal archive

You know those old cars with very low miles?

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