Lots of up to $100,000 sold!

Lots of up to $100,000 sold!

As one of the savings measures that are adopted by Twitter After, after Elon Musk He became the owner, it was an auction that was held recently. It features various office items such as desks, computers, and even a neon sign of the famous blue bird and a statue.

During the event, which took place very close to the expiration date of the loan to be terminated, items were sold for various amounts, from $150 to $100,000 per item. The event was organized by Heritage Global Partners.

According to the platform, bids for the auction, which was held in San Francisco, California, began to be received on January 17, and ended the next day. In total, more than 600 items were available for purchase by the participants.

From electronic equipment, for example, conference equipment, computers, televisions, etc., to kitchen appliances, such as coffee makers. All the pieces were located in Twitter’s offices, as well as a two-meter statue of the well-known blue bird that is the social network’s seal.

Although some items such as the neon sign of the bird itself sold for about $100,000, according to the Wall Street Journal, the products were sold at lower bids, the cheapest being $150.

Although not officially disclosed, the reason for the auction must be economic, as the company owes US$12.5 billion. This is why Elon Musk has taken several measures to improve the brand’s economy. One of these measures was the mass dismissal of half of the employees from around the world, which sparked a lot of controversy and discussions about the position of the billionaire.

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In addition, many advertisers leave the platform, which makes the future of the brand even more insecure. It remains to be seen whether the measures adopted by the CEO of Tesla will have an impact, or whether the purchase of Twitter was a shot in the foot.

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