Loro Jose as a gift, great work with Paula Fernandez and more facts about Taylor Swift’s unusual visit to Brazil | Pop art

Loro Jose as a gift, great work with Paula Fernandez and more facts about Taylor Swift’s unusual visit to Brazil |  Pop art

Pop Week remembers Taylor Swift’s extraordinary visit to Brazil in 2012

Five months after Taylor Swift confirmed she would be coming to Brazil with “The Eras Tour,” the time has finally come. On Friday (17), the singer will perform the first of six scheduled shows here.

During his visit to Brazil, Taylor gave a series of interviews and appeared on national television programs. Some of these moments were unforgettable and generated memes.

Taylor Swift on TV Xuxa – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Starting with the singer’s participation in the TV Xuxa program. Taylor was there in the crowd, singing her song “Never Getting Back Together,” and suddenly the camera caught the singer trying to escape from some hands that were holding her feet.

Taylor Swift receives a gift from Loro Jose – Photo: Globo

Taylor also went through “Mais Você”. The person who interviewed the singer was not Ana María Braga, but Bruno Astuto. In addition to chatting, he also delivered some gifts to the singer.

First, a recipe book written by Ana María Braga. Taylor seemed to like the treatment. Bruno then handed over a replica of Loro Jose, Taylor looked and looked, clearly not understanding what it was about. He placed the doll on his lap and went back to look at the other gifts.

Naturally, the moment went viral, and after some time, it resurfaced in a bizarre montage.

Taylor Swift in her living room: Did Loro Jose get shelf space? – Image: Reproduction/YouTube

Tom Vega, who was Loro José’s translator, even shared the photo on his Instagram account when he was still alive, writing that haters would think it was just a montage.

But if you still have doubts, the photo was indeed a montage.

The original scene is taken from a Vogue video that recorded an interview with the singer asking 73 questions. Taylor appears in one of the rooms of his house. She even explained that it was there, in that space, that she actually wrote many songs.

The original object that takes the parrot’s “place” is the picture frame.

Interview with Paula Fernandez

Paola Fernandez and Taylor Swift during an interview with broadcaster Ileana – Photo: Reproduction

Still in the series of interviews conducted by Taylor here in Brazil, there is also, for example, an awkward conversation with the presenter Ileana.

Since Taylor does not understand Portuguese, she seems upset when Eliana introduces her participation and asks questions.

To top it all off, the presenter invites Paula Fernandez to join the two in the interview. The impetus for this meeting was the feat performed by Paula and Taylor in 2012 on the song “Long Live”.

The recording was done remotely, so they didn’t meet in the studio. Ileana then promoted the moment live.

The presenter asks several questions to ask about the girls’ desires. Paula doesn’t even hesitate to say that she wishes she could meet Taylor again. As for Taylor…she wants her family to be healthy and to live to be 97 years old.

At the end of the show, the two greeted the audience together and embraced each other — Photo: Alexandre Durão / G1

Taylor said she was honored to duet with an amazing Brazilian singer. The two then gathered on stage to sing “Long Live.” In the end, kisses and hugs were exchanged between them.

The blonde showed her love not only to Paula, but also to her Brazilian fans. Following the lead of international artists passing through, she was impressed by the fans singing her songs and even said, “I love Brazil.”

But all that love wasn’t enough to make Taylor return to the country with tour instead. Well, I tried to attend in 2020, but the “Lover Fest” tour ended up being canceled due to the pandemic.

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