Looks like the Canadian Prime Minister is singing the next night

O premiê aparece apoiado em um piano, enquanto Gregory Charles, um músico de Quebec, toca Bohemian Rhapsody

In a video circulated on social media, the Prime Minister of Canada said, Justin Trudeau, is shown singing next to a piano, in a London hotel, two days before the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. The scene had a negative impact on the prime minister’s office. In the photos, Trudeau is seen playing bohemian rhapsody, by British rock band Queen. The video was recorded at the Corinthia Hotel, and was posted on social media. And the place where the Canadian delegation was staying, on the night of Saturday 17th.

in. The photos show Trudeau, dressed in a T-shirt, leaning on the piano, while Gregory Charles, a Quebec musician and Medal of Canada award winner, plays. bohemian rhapsody. The Queen was Canada’s head of state, and Trudeau designated September 19 a national day of mourning in Canada. Critics accused the prime minister of disrespect.

The video sparked criticism from Canadians

“Embarrassment is not enough to describe it,” wrote Andrew Quinn, a columnist for the paper. Globe and Mail, on Twitter. He is the Prime Minister in a public place on the eve of the Queen’s funeral. This is how he behaves? “It’s the Canadian Prime Minister representing Canada in a week of mourning for the Queen,” said Vivian Berkowici, former Canadian ambassador to Israel.

The Prime Minister’s team minimized the repercussions

“After dinner on Saturday, the Prime Minister joined a small meeting with members of the Canadian delegation, who have come together to pay tribute to Her Majesty’s life and service,” a Trudeau spokesperson said. Gregory Charles, a famous musician from Quebec and a recipient of the Order of Canada, played the piano in the hotel lobby, which led to some members of the delegation joining in, including the Prime Minister. “The Prime Minister participated in various activities to pay his respects to the Queen,” the spokesperson confirmed.

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