Looking for peace in retirement? See the best countries to live in

Looking for peace in retirement?  See the best countries to live in

Plan to the retirement It often involves finding a location that offers quality of life, reasonable costs and a welcoming environment. The Global Retirement Index, issued by International Living, appears as a compass in this process, ranking countries based on specific criteria.

Let us explore the destinations that have emerged, offering a golden haven for those looking to live their retirement years in comfort and tranquility.

The most welcoming destinations for retirement

The Global Retirement Index has provided insight into the most promising post-career destinations. It is worth noting that although it is not scientific research, its comprehensive criteria provide a valuable perspective. Here are some of the main countries and their scores in the index:

5. Spain (Rating: 79.71)

Spain received an impressive score of 79.71. The mild climate, rich culture, famous gastronomy and efficient healthcare system all contribute to making Spain an attractive destination for retirees looking for a more relaxed life.

4. Panama (Rating: 82.85)

Panama received a score of 82.85. In addition to its stunning natural scenery, Panama offers benefits Attractive taxes for foreign retirees, making it a popular destination for those looking for a more economical and relaxed lifestyle.

3. Mexico (score: 83)

Mexico ranks third, with 83 points. Stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and affordable cost of living are among the attractions that make Mexico a popular choice among retirees looking for a new home.

2. Portugal (Score: 83.28)

Portugal comes in second place with a score of 83.28. Its warm hospitality, charming views and moderate costs contribute to its leading position in the index, making it an enchanting destination to enjoy your retirement years.

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1. Costa Rica (average score: 83.57)

Costa Rica is at the top of the podium, achieving a strong score of 83.57. Known for its biodiversity and quality of life, Costa Rica attracts retirees seeking a lush natural environment and a welcoming culture.

Plan your retirement with knowledge

Finding the perfect place to enjoy your golden years requires careful consideration of several factors. The Global Retirement Index provides valuable insights, but it is important to evaluate each individual Saucepan Based on personal preferences and specific needs.

Whether you dream of idyllic beaches, historic towns, or a welcoming community, the right decision can transform your retirement plans into a truly enriching experience.

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