Loneliness: Research shows that adults and teens have better experiences of isolation in the UK

Solitude: pesquisa mostra que adultos e adolescentes tiraram boas experiências da quarentena no Reino Unido

Although there are no positive sides to the epidemic, humans can draw lessons and improvements from it all, and isolation and Locks Events will not be different. A new study from the University of Reading in the UK shows that adolescents and adults are able to benefit from the loneliness they experienced primarily at the onset of the Govt-19 epidemic last year. The study involved 2,000 people of all ages, including 13- to 16-year-olds.

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While some participants reported bad feelings in general mood and well-being, a good portion said it brought with it a sense of loneliness and a sense of autonomy. 43% said being alone or in isolation brought with them the opportunity to invest in skills development, especially to build connectivity and self-confidence among older and older participants. If teenagers increased alienation due to lack of contact with friends – about one in seven or about 14.8%, twice the rate among adults – the elderly were more likely to have a bad mood or poor health.

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“Our research shows that aspects of loneliness are recognized by people of all ages and have benefits for our well-being,” said Dr. John H. Snyder, professor of psychology at the University of Reading and head of the study. Neta Weinstein. “Conventional wisdom is that teenagers generally perceive the Govt-19 epidemic as a negative experience, but in our study we see how the elements of loneliness can be positive. . The most intense and regular physical exercises are another example pointed out by research.

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The study was conducted in the UK and published in the journal Boundaries in Psychology With the title What Time Alone offers: Stories of loneliness from adolescence to adulthood (What loneliness gives us: stories of loneliness from adolescence to adolescence, in free translation). The survey was conducted through a series of interviews, from which results and information were drawn. However, the study authors reiterate that the study focused on an isolated phase in the middle of last year, and suggest that new research be conducted on the topic to detect any variations in emotions and possible worsening. Over time and the severity of the infection.

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