Loan with payroll deduction: available to any worker!

Loan with payroll deduction: available to any worker!

In a move that promises to change access to credit in Brazil, the bank's Board of Trustees decided FGTS It approved a new regulation that allows workers in the private sector to request loans with direct deduction from salaries. This update is especially valuable for workers in companies that previously did not have banking agreements for this type of credit.

Digital transformation continues to facilitate and expand workers' horizons. With the integration of the digital business card, it is now possible to apply for a payroll loan entirely online. This advancement eliminates the need for intermediaries and agreements, simplifying the entire process.

What changes with the digitization of payroll loans?

The FGTS digital platform is emerging as an essential tool in this new scenario. Through it, workers can not only request a loan, but can also run detailed simulations and choose the terms that best meet their personal needs. With over 80 participating financial institutions, the options are diverse and accessible.

How do companies and employees benefit?

The new salary loan system promises to greatly simplify administrative procedures through social mail. For employers, this means directly consolidating the amounts to be deducted from payroll, without additional bureaucracy. For workers, it is a guarantee of a more transparent and efficient service.

Who benefits from these changes in FGTS?

According to estimates, approximately 37 million low-income workers will benefit from this new possibility. These workers will have access to a powerful financial inclusion tool, enabling them to manage their finances in a way that was previously inaccessible to many.

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This change is a clear indication of how technology is being used to democratize access to basic financial services. Using a digital business card as a tool to apply for credit is major progress toward a more inclusive and fair system.

With increased access to payroll loans, it is expected that there will be a significant improvement in the quality of life of workers. The ease and flexibility offered by the new rules is likely to encourage more people to solve financial problems and invest in their future in a sustainable way.

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