Liverpool reduces FIFA’s behavior with the Brazilians and could generate chaos, according to TV – 09/09/2021

Liverpool reduces FIFA's behavior with the Brazilians and could generate chaos, according to TV - 09/09/2021

Liverpool’s board of directors considers that FIFA has no “legal basis” to ban, for five days, the performance of Brazilian players whose performances, due to the pandemic, Tite were unable to qualify for the 2022 World Cup.

According to Sky Sports, the English club played down the importance of the position of the entity yesterday, which used Article 5 of its regulations after a request from the Brazilian Confederation and banned eight athletes from entering the stadium: Alisson, Ederson, Thiago Silva, Fabinho, Fred, Rafinha, Firmino and. Gabriel Jesus. Of this list, three belong to the Reds: Alisson, Fabinho and Firmino.

For Liverpool, the FIFA measure does not hold up specifically due to the restrictions surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, as people traveling from Brazil to the UK must be subject to a 14-day quarantine.

a sky The sport has highlighted Article 22 of the maximum football entity’s disciplinary law, which provides for fines and a 3-0 defeat for a team that does not comply with the restrictions applied by the entity.

Chaos game?

This weekend, Jurgen Klopp’s side take on Leeds United in the English Championship, which also features one of the ‘banned’ Brazilians: Ravenha. There are, at present, no definitions of non-compliance with the rule.

The problem would be even greater if both teams defied the procedure and put the four participants on the field.

The potential initiative would generate chaos in the tournament and a major headache for FIFA, as it is impossible for two teams to lose the same match 3-0.

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