Live has a hierarchical face of cryptocurrency

Live has a hierarchical face of cryptocurrency

Singer Gusttavo Lima presented a new live show on Saturday (May 1) that had already garnered 9 million views on Youtube as of Sunday. The introduction with approximately five hours started with the words of a chaplain, it was People conglomerateAnd the The artist slips When praising the venue of the event and up Curses the singer directs to the band. But among some of the market’s investors, what really called attention was a company on the event’s list of sponsors – a cryptocurrency app website, with a promise of earnings of up to 5% per day.

One of 12 sponsors Agribusiness ambassador lives, CryptoX Revolution has taken turns showing off their branding with other companies – sometimes with a logo and now with a QR code. Everyone who reached the email address found a The page is in English, With investment plans.

On the English-language website, CryptoX Revolution says it is headquartered in Andorra and does business in India, China, Ukraine, Iran and Russia, but does not provide the controllers or processors. The only form of communication provided is through the website itself, by filling in the messages after including the data of the concerned party.

In the search on the Whois platform – which raises the properties of addresses on the Internet – no registration by There is a Brazilian dominance, But was created on March 5, 2021, by Claudia Maria Lopez, from email [email protected].

Unlike specialist brokers, such as Bitcoin marketCryptoX Revolution, which provides the investor with quote and brokerage data for the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, Etherium, among others, offers membership only plans.

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The interested party must then invest to get into one of these plans, with contributions ranging from $ 15 to $ 2,500, then pocket winnings from 200% to 400% per application cycle. However, the deadlines for these courses are not known. The promise is to make profits from 0.5% to 5% daily. For comparison, in Brazil, the base interest rate is 2.75% per year. A year, not a day.

Pyramid scheme

According to professionals working in the cryptocurrency market, the plans offered by CryptoX have similarities to the Financial Pyramid schemes, which is a type of business that is considered a financial crime.

In this type of fraud, investors are compensated for the capital that comes from other investors who come next. Everyone who enters before and in the beginning of the pyramid – including the creators of each scheme themselves – succeeds in making a profit because they withdraw money before the scheme collapses.

But many of those who stay at the end of the cycle end up confused, because when they try to get the money back they discover that there is not enough to pay for the ransom.

CryptoX Revolution compensation plans for cryptocurrency investment platform

Photo: Reproduction

The design featured on the site is striking due to its similarity to pyramid schemes.

According to the experts, these are some of the signs an investor should check to see if the app is, in fact, a scam or scam:

  • Proposals that appear on social networks and associated with financial companies without regular registration with regulatory bodies, such as the central bank or CVM (the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission), not even in the Brazilian records;
  • Promises of very high returns on the country’s interest rates;
  • Prizes for clients who are able to attract more members than other clients.

See what the experts have to say about these risks in this special article from UOL.

How to invest in cryptocurrencies safely

According to market professionals, it is possible to invest in cryptocurrencies safely. For this, it is necessary to follow some recommendations:

  • Use a broker registered in Brazil;
  • Check the history of these companies in device regulatory bodies;
  • Bear in mind the risk of losses – no cryptocurrency app is always guaranteed to pay off.

See in this article what the app can do to apply for Bitcoins, for example, safely.

The company launched the video and sponsored the football team

The company organizing the live broadcast with Gusttavo Lima, Sandrinn Management & Shows, said that all documents have been filed from the sponsor CryptoX and that the business relationship with the company is regular.

Through Sandrinn & Shows Management, Twitter He got in touch with whoever would be in charge of CryptoX Revolution brokering the company’s sponsorship live The Ambassador of Agribusiness.

CryptoX contact response, which introduced itself as Neto, responded to first contact from TwitterOver the phone, promising to come back later – which didn’t happen until this note was published, after two hours of waiting. The registered owner of the website in Brazil also did not respond to questions sent by e-mail.

CryptoX appears in a file Recent video, In Portuguese on YouTube, posted on March 31. In the 9-minute article, the narrator – who introduced himself as Eduardo Souza, but whose image was never revealed – states that CryptoX is “an opportunity presented by Wesley Cowboy, who lives in the United States”.

The translated text and images are exactly the same as the English website content. CryptoX is also appearing in another recent internet search, after signing a sponsorship agreement with CSA, One of the major clubs in football From Aguas.

He sought, the advice of singer Gustavo Lima was not responded to until the publication of this note.

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