Lilia Cabral remembers how “faint” Alexander Nero is

Lilia Cabral remembers how "faint" Alexander Nero is

Jose Alfredo (Alexandre Nero) and Maria Marta (Lilia Cabral) lived on the war grounds in Imperio. The series premiered in 2014, and is back on TV Globo screens this week.

In an additional film, the actress said that she had the pleasure of acting with Nero in the plot, playing the leader’s wife, and remembering outbreaks in family dinner scenes.

“There was an exchange of barbs there. Marta said silly things as if to say, ‘I have eaten Brigade Brigadiero’ (laughs). She did everything very naturally,” the actress says.

She described the character as a “poor woman in terms of feelings,” adding, “Evil, weak in character. She had an obsession with this man. She was able to put him on her side.”

Recently, Chay Suede played Captain José Alfredo in the first phase of the series as well “Handing over” some of the “empire” curiosity to his followers Did Instagram.

The actor started, “I took two auditions. This story is good. In the beginning I auditioned for one of Zay’s children. I passed the test and was so happy that I’m going to do the entire TV series,” the actor started.

Then the cast said, “Chai, we had a much better idea. We’ll be auditioning again to make Nero young in the early seasons of the series. “

He remembers nicely, “I said, ‘Oh, cool … well, thanks for having that better idea, because I’m going to be nine months next time, right? I would have had nine paychecks …’”

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