Lewis Hamilton receives the title of British Walker – 12/30/2020

Lewis Hamilton receives the title of British Walker - 12/30/2020

Lewis Hamilton has been knighted by the British Empire and will be named ‘Sir’ according to the UK’s International List of New Year’s Honors, published today. The information was published on the official website of Formula 1 and by various media outlets in the United Kingdom.

With this honor, Hamilton became one of the few Britons to have the real title in this category. Besides him, names such as Jackie Stewart, Sterling Moss, Frank Williams and Patrick Head got the title. He also received Jack Brabham, the Australian, as the country is part of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

“Lewis is a true giant of our sport, and his influence is enormous both inside and outside the car,” praised Stefano Domenicali, Formula 1 CEO and former Ferrari team boss.

“What he has achieved is exceptional, and there is more to come. All of us in Formula 1 congratulate him on the well-deserved recognition for his achievements, and we look forward to seeing him shine in 2021.”

Hamilton is on the list of people to receive honors from British royalty The relationship also includes names such as Jimmy Greaves, Ron Flowers (former English footballers) and Anne Keothavong (former tennis player, current captain of the British team at the Billie Jean King Cup), from Among the highlights of other sporting events.

According to The Guardian, there has been a dispute over the possibility of giving Hamilton a noble title, as he currently lives in Monaco. However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson personally influenced the debate to ensure the British Mercedes driver was honoured.

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The presence of a Monaco citizen on the international list, rather than the main list with many beneficiaries of public health services in the event of a pandemic, is seen as a reflection of his financial situation.

Hamilton’s supporters have long felt his achievements were not sufficiently recognized in their country and were satisfied with the Mercedes driver joining a select group of ‘gentlemen’ from the sport.

A Formula 1 driver since 2007, when he made his McLaren debut, Hamilton has held seven world titles in this category (2008, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020). In addition, he finished the season with 95 career victories, surpassing Michael Schumacher’s record (91).

Hamilton, the only black driver in the sport, has also used his image to campaign for diversity and speak out against racial injustice.

*With information from Reuters

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