Lewis Hamilton Medal: Understand the Siren Award for a Pilot – GQ

Lewis Hamilton Medal: Understand the Siren Award for a Pilot - GQ

Adorned by Lewis Hamilton (Image: Reproduction: Instagram)

This Wednesday (15), three days after losing the chance to win the eight championships in Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton He was awarded the Order of the British Empire by knighting at a ceremony hosted by Prince Charles at Windsor Castle. This is the greatest homage to the British Crown. Now the pilot has become Sir Lewis Hamilton. But what does that mean?

At the end of last year, the pilot was knighted by the British Empire on Queen Elizabeth II’s New Year’s Honor Roll, and as such, can be called my Sir. However, the ceremony took place almost a year after the award was given.

What is sir?

This honor is given to the Knights of the British Empire. The winner is honored for outstanding achievement, personal courage and service to the United Kingdom, and thus becomes a member of the royal gentry.

Anyone who holds the title but is not a British citizen cannot use Sir. That context fits Pele, who was awarded a Knight of the British Crown in 1997 by Queen Elizabeth II.

decorated team

With this honor, Hamilton joins a team of superstars also called Sir. David Beckham, Tom Hardy, Paul McCartney, and Mick Jagger are included in this ornate list, which also includes Victoria Beckham, Adele and Angelina Jolie.

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