Leidy Elin guesses Power Curinga and decides to send the goal into the wall · TV News

Leidy Elin guesses Power Curinga and decides to send the goal into the wall · TV News

Lady Eileen has already set her target for the wall on Sunday (24). Transista, who won this week's Wildcard Power at BBB 24, guessed that her lead would be an indication of the spotlight. In a conversation with Beatriz Reis, she revealed who she intends to nominate. He shot: “A herd will come towards me.”

On the lawn of the Big Brother house in Brazil, Lady spent a lot of time with Beatrice thinking about what she should do about the Joker's power. “Lady, I think you'll have to send someone, okay?” the saleswoman suspected. “I don't want to know yet. You're not sure between Rodrigo and Fernanda, right?” the cashier asked.

“Will you go to Rodrigo if I send you directly?” asked the leader of the week. But Lady Elaine did not think of the pagodero at any time. “No,” she said at once, “because he will not send me this week, and he will not follow me any more. I would send Fernanda without mercy or mercy.”

However, Fernanda Bande was the only person still in the house who actually voted for Beatriz – and the leader is tempted to put her in the spotlight. “Play your game. If I send Fernanda, I should have a second choice if I'm going to send her,” the Transista analyzed.

“There's just one detail, right? She can win the angel. Or Bethel can win and fortify her. The thing I talked about yesterday, knowing that the council never voted for me is a very good thing, but at the same time it's scary, because now it's a good thing,” Bea said. : “I'm on the front line.”

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“I already know. If you're going to put Fernanda, I have the option of a second vote. If you take the leader, I'll give the bracelet to three people, but I'll send it to Fernanda — obviously, right away. I was going to give it to Fernanda, Michel, and Davey,” said the woman from Gonçalo.

She noted that sending Davey to the hot seat would make more sense for her game, but quickly changed her mind. “I'll tell you that the only person I had a little fight with was Fernanda, but she probably already sent her or else she'd be immune…so it would be Michel, here we are looking for her.” The egg – I'm going by kinship,” Leidi explained.

“He's someone I talked to a lot and now I don't talk much, and he simply distanced himself by joining another group. Even his behavior has changed here. For that reason alone, there's nothing to talk about. I know he's not opposed to voting for me in [quarto] Gnome, you'll vote for me okay. “You have to send someone, it's him,” he added.

“I think he's someone who's a little influenced by other people, and he was more centered before. It's over, what am I going to do,” she concluded.

However, the Transistas fear the consequences of winning the power of Coringa. “If I were to send someone, I'd probably be immune too,” she bets, “because they know a herd will come after me.” In fact, Lady does not have the immunity guaranteed by the feature of the week.

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