Legacy of Jupiter is the second popular series that Netflix canceled in one month

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In the last years , Netflix A disturbing trend emerges: the unexpected and early cancellation of many series that were loved by audiences and critics.

Several cancellations caused real outrage among fans, who created campaigns to bring the series back, organized movements on social networks, and even stopped subscribing to the service.

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Only in 2021, it was Netflix Already canceled two very popular series: Buyer’s Legacy e Baker Street Artriots. The products promised to establish themselves as the platform’s biggest hits, but they ended up in just under a month.

But after all, why Netflix She canceled two such promising series, which appeared in the top ten from several countries? Check out the justifications below.

Baker Street Artifacts It is based on a group of characters that appear in three books by Sherlock Holmes.

in series NetflixStreet kids turn into a majestic gang of boys and girls – who find themselves at the center of a supernatural mystery.

The production established itself for a few days in the top 10 platform, but was canceled a few weeks after its release.

a Netflix Officially announced the cancellation Baker Street Eritreans On May 4, 2021, but she did not give a specific reason for ending the series.

The decision came about 6 weeks after production was launched on March 26, which corresponds to the period in which the platform assesses whether to cancel or renew the project.

The cancellation surprised a lot of people, like Netflix He was going to renew the series for a second season even before its premiere, based on the popularity of Enola Holmes.

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However, the platform has yet to officially announce the production of a second season.

Two reasons could explain the production cancellation: audience metrics or scheduling conflicts.

Everything indicates that the main cast members of the series wanted to return in new episodes. in another meaning, Baker Street Artriots It may have been canceled due to low ratings.

Cancellation Buyer’s Legacy It was more surprising than Baker Street ArtriotsIndeed, large press vehicles consider the series one of the most anticipated launches of the platform in 2021.

Buyer’s Legacy It follows the story of the world’s first superheroes, who gained their power in the 1930s.

These days, legendary heroes are revered as guards of the elderly, and their children struggle to preserve their parents’ legacy and rise above the shadow of their heroic deeds.

The series was created to offer a more mature take on superhero stories, something that worked in films like Zack Snyder’s Justice League and The Boys, which aired on Amazon Prime.

For this reason, the cancellation of production left a huge shock to a large part of the platform’s subscribers.

The platform has officially confirmed the cancellation Buyer’s Legacy On June 3, less than a month after the production release.

The cancellation also surprised the cast and production team of the show. The end of the first season shows that the participants were intending to release new episodes.

The platform did not reveal a specific reason for the cancellation Buyer’s Legacy, but everything indicates that the series simply did not become an audience phenomenon that Netflix is expected.

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The streaming service, of course, wanted the series to become The New Boys, replicating the success of Amazon’s production.

When that didn’t happen, the platform decided to cancel the series, even after investing around $200 million in its first season.

“I am devastated. Buyer’s Legacy It was a unique experience, something I will never forget. Actor Andrew Horton, translator Brandon Sampson commented, “I am sad that we cannot continue on this journey, because we have only been able to scratch the surface of this world.”

Even with the series canceled, episodes have already been released from Baker Street Artriots e Buyer’s Legacy Still available at Netflix.

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