Learn now and be safer

Learn now and be safer

It is possible to track a cell phone through google maps. The app, which is available for download on Android phones and iPhones (iOS), can be of great help in this task, especially when the smartphone does not have other tracking applications installed. Tracking is done in two ways: using the Your Timeline tool and sending real-time location.

In the first option, Google Maps displays a history of places the user has visited, including details such as days and times, as long as the cell phone is on. When a person accesses the history using the desktop version, he will remember what he did on a specific day and will be able to check the tracks that were transferred using the device. Real-time location can indicate the exact location where the smartphone is. Next, learn how to use the two tracking features offered by Google Maps.

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The tutorial shows how to track a cell phone using Google Maps, an app available for Android and iPhone (iOS); See below – Image: Marcela Franco/TechTudo

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How to track a cell phone on google maps with timeline

Step 1. On the Google Maps app, tap your profile picture icon at the top right of the screen. Go to the “Your schedule” option.

First steps to access your Google Maps timeline – Image: Reproduction / Marianna Trallback

Step 2. Tap “Today” and select a date in the calendar to view the history;

It is necessary to mark a date in the calendar to do the tracing – Image: Reproduction / Marianna Trallback

Step 3. All information for the selected date will be displayed, including mileage and number of visits. To view a summary of the cities visited, it is also possible to select the “Cities” section at the top of the screen;

It is possible to access all the activities recorded on the selected day, such as places visited and kilometers traveled – Image: Reproduction / Marianna Trallback

In case the schedule is not activated automatically, just follow these steps step by step:

Step 1. On the Google Maps homepage, access your profile picture icon. select “your schedule”;

Accessing the timetable in the Google Maps application – Image: Reproduction / Marianna Trallback

Step 2. Tap on “Location History is Off” and select the “Enable” button;

By activating the location history on Google Maps, you will have detailed records about the places you visit – Photo: Reproduction / Marianna Trallback

Step 3. Confirm the activation by touching “Activate” again and finish the configuration by selecting “OK”;

Confirmation of the activation of location history in Maps – Photo: Reproduction / Mariana Trallback

How to track a cell phone on google maps with real time location

The first step. Enter the Google Maps application and click on your profile picture icon. Click on “Share Location”;

The Share Location option allows people with a link to see where you are; The feature can be used to ensure more security – Image: Reproduction / Mariana Trallback

Step 2. Select “Share location” again. On the next screen, set the share duration and choose one of your contacts – you can send the link via SMS, Gmail, Telegram or other social media options;

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The third step. Finally, click on “Share”;

Confirmation of real-time location sharing through Google Maps – Image: Reproduction / Marianna Trallback

with information from Google Maps.

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