Learn how to rent a new credit option

Learn how to rent a new credit option

the nubank It expanded its services in order to offer more and more products to its customers. Through a partnership with Creditas, fintech offers its users a better credit contracting experience. While Nubank specializes in financial solutions and helps its clients get advantageous options, Creditas is one of the giants in digital loan methods.

In the new credit option, it is possible to pledge a vehicle as security for the contracted loan. Nobank explained that the rates on this new type of loan would be more advantageous and that the terms would be longer. With the aim of becoming a shareholder of Creditas within a period of up to two years, fintech intends to control 7.7% of the partner company’s shareholding power.

How does a car mortgage loan work?

The company explained that up to 90% of the car can be pledged as a form of credit. Upon closing the contract, customers will still be able at the time of the conclusion of the contract to receive a cashback of up to 1% of the contracted amount for those who close their orders.

When entering the application, go to the option “Take Borrowed” and then it will open another explanatory page with the option to pledge the car. Next, click on Simulate Loan and the customer will be directed to the Creditas app. If you do not have the company’s application on your cell phone (Creditas), just proceed with the installation.

The whole process is carried out since then through the Creditas platform. This method is gradually being released to nearly 40 million Nubank customers. With this new method, the customer will have the opportunity to take out the loan and leave the car as collateral.

It is important to emphasize that the vehicle in question to be held as collateral must be in the name of the customer and all with paid documents.

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