Learn about the cake and the singer’s favorite ritual

Learn about the cake and the singer's favorite ritual

Today, Roberto Carlos celebrates 80 years of his arrival. Full of cool stories to talk about his father’s birthday, Dudu Braga never let the celebration go unnoticed and told some of the singer’s rituals on the date.

According to the music producer, a white pastry cake filled with coconut and pineapple couldn’t be missing on Roberto Carlos’s birthday. “It’s the cake that dad loves the most,” he tells Quem.

Then, Dodo tells his father’s routine on the date. “He doesn’t always go to Mass on his birthday. He usually follows his routine, which is drinking coffee, praying and taking a shower. Every day he does that.”

Away from the stage due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Roberto Carlos was dealing with spirits, which he did on his 79th birthday. “Every birthday likes to make a presentation.”

“He only broke that tradition in the time of Maria Rita, when he was in mourning. It was the biggest loss of his life, without a doubt. It took him about ten years to return to celebrate his birthday with a show,” recalls Dudu Braga.

“Last year, he was living, and before he introduced himself, he called me and said, ‘I’m calling you to congratulate me because I’m going to go live and then you won’t be able to talk to me,” the singer’s son says to Who.

newly, Dudu Braga was taken to a hospital in São PauloBecause of abdominal pain in the midst of being treated against peritoneal cancer. The 52-year-old music producer was decommissioned last week.

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