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Lay's Replay

This Tuesday (07) there was a live announcement of the arrival of the project reboot ly to me Brazil. The global initiative aims to encourage the practice of sport and make a positive impact on socially and economically vulnerable communities around the world through football.

The project is implemented in partnership with UEFA Foundation it’s streetfootballworld And it happens in a very unusual way, because to create sustainable football pitches, the brand has reused empty snack packets in the construction of the field’s own turf, which is located in Santana de Paranaiba, municipality Sao Paulo.

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Lay’s RePlay goes beyond providing football pitches for communities. The project offers sports-educational programs to enhance long-term social impact. Therefore, the activities made available by the initiative are based on the experience of the partners – streetfootballworld (global), I love football (location) and EPROCAD Foundation (Local) – Use the positive power of physical activity and football to address social issues that primarily affect local communities.

“This is a project that makes perfect sense for Lay’s, as it fulfills the brand’s global goal of bringing happiness and bringing people together through sport. We cultivate a long-term relationship with the football community through our partnership with Champions League, males and females. Lay’s RePlay not only strengthens these bonds, it strengthens our purpose by positively impacting vulnerable people. We are very pleased to implement an initiative that will change life stories”, Announce Pedro Goldfarbmarketing manager PepsiCo Brazil.

Option Kavo To represent Lay’s RePlay in Brazil was not for nothing. Known for its history of overcoming difficulties on and off the field, Cafu is an inspiration to different generations and an example of how the sport can change lives.

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“I had to fight a lot on and off the field to be recognized around the world as a talented player. Football taught me to celebrate victories, but it also gave me strength to face life’s obstacles. Sport is, without a doubt, a way to promote social change, hence the importance of projects like this one. , led by the Lay brand. This is the spirit that I want to convey to the young people who will be participating in the activities and I am proud to start this match.”Kafu says.

The program has been designed and evaluated on four main fronts:

  • create a sense of belonging;
  • increase engagement
  • enhance safety;
  • Access to sports.

In Brazil, specifically, it will target young people aged 13-17 and will provide social, emotional and physical development through football sessions with the methodology football 3. Developed by streetfootballworld, this method aims to promote social inclusion and enhance basic life skills, such as teamwork and fair play. At least 100 young men and women should benefit from the initiative in the next 12 months.

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“We are already an active part of streetfootballworld’s vast international network and are very pleased to be the strategic partner of Lay’s RePlay in Brazil. We are excited to be entering the stadium and offering a new, more collaborative and supportive way for young people to experience football. But our performance goes beyond the boundaries of the court as we offer a safe environment, targeted activities and control School performance. We look to youth holistically to reap truly transformative results. This is our true goal.”, He says Paula GhirardelloCEO, EPROCAD Corporation.

Building a sustainable field

As mentioned earlier in this post, football field turf is produced in empty snack packets, but the entire structure was also developed thinking about sustainability with the goal of increasing social impact and decreasing environmental impact.

Supported by Greenfield, a global manufacturer of artificial fields, empty Lay containers are collected by local waste collection partners and given a second life: they are crushed and made into pallets that form the base layer under the lawn, called EcoSept.

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Both the turf and Ecocept coating are 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life. In addition to the turf, the brand has committed to adopting a carbon offset strategy that will ensure that all areas deliver a zero carbon footprint over its approximately ten-year useful life.

According to Pedro, when answering a question during the live broadcast, Lay must also be present at lawn maintenance for the next 10 years.

Through an in-depth study of independent consulting good job Show that Lay’s RePlay stadiums have a much lower environmental impact than alternative man-made stadiums in various aspects such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, microplastic pollution, recyclable materials, turf, environmental intervention, and water use.

Where did Lay’s RePlay come from?

The project was born with the intent to bring about evolution in artificial courts and was developed by the brand in partnership with UEFA Foundation Our refugee camps Zaatari NS Azraq, employment JordanIn 2017 and 2018. Since then, these two venues have given 35,000 people access to sports. This successful experience led to the project that aims to bring football stadiums to communities around the world, creating a place for everyone to socialize, play and exercise.

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global initiative reboot ly Created with UEFA Children’s Foundation and with streetfootballworld It relies on local partners to build spaces and programs that bring people together and drive positive change for future generations. So far, Lay’s RePlay has arrived ListerAnd United kingdom; running tempisaAnd South Africa. NS Brazil It is the third country to receive the initiative, which will also take place in Russia, employment Italy and on Turkey Us in the coming months.

With the potential of more than 3,600 hours of game and sports education programming that will benefit more than 16,000 community members in the first year of the program alone, Lay’s RePlay involves local partners and organizations through all stages of planning, construction, and maintenance for each area with the goal of developing customized programming that can address the social problems specific to each area. A site with the promotion of safe access to sports.

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