Latitude #67 Teaser: Kidnapping of a former soldier – Crusoe

Latitude #67 Teaser: Kidnapping of a former soldier – Crusoe

The repression of Nicolas Maduro's dictatorship is not limited to the borders of Venezuelan territory, nor to the Essequibo region of Guyana, which Chavismo is trying to illegally annex.

The Maduro regime is also suspected of involvement in the kidnapping of a former military dissident in Chile.

Ronald Ojeda (photo), a self-proclaimed critic of Nicolas Maduro's dictatorship in the country, was kidnapped on February 21 from his apartment in Santiago, Chile.

Ojeda's disappearance mobilized government authorities under Gabriel Buric, who contacted Interpol to locate him.

Nicolás Maduro's Bolivarian dictatorship named Ojeda as one of the leaders of an alleged international plan to kill him. The operation, dubbed “Operation White Bracelet”, will participate in 33 soldiers defecting from the Venezuelan armed forces considered “traitors to the country”, including Ojeda's name.

Ex-soldier kidnapping is a topic covered in this podcast episode Latitude This Saturday, March 2, with Venezuelan sociologist Guillermo Pérez.

“Ojeda was kidnapped by Venezuelans. This is known because he was kidnapped while he was with his wife and I heard his Venezuelan accent. “They pretended to be Chilean immigration agents.”Perez says.

to Latitudethe Venezuelan sociologist also speaks about the personal and diplomatic relationship between Lula and Nicolas Maduro, the UN Human Rights Mission in Venezuela, and the Venezuelan dictator's anti-Semitic attacks.

Hey Latitude is a weekly podcast about key facts about international politics and Brazilian diplomacy that airs every Saturday at 6 p.m.

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