Lata Felha: Participant accuses Globo of trading his Opal for an illegal car – 11/19/2021

Lata Felha: Participant accuses Globo of trading his Opal for an illegal car - 11/19/2021

ex-participant of Old Tin frame, of former Caldeirão do Huck, ecologist João Marcelo Vieira has been battling TV Globo for 16 years. The network is accused of handing over Chevrolet mobile home It was cheated in place of the 1979 Opal SS, which will be fixed in the program while participating in 2005.

In 2016 his request for compensation for damages caused by the radio was ruled in the amount of one million Brazilian riyals, and the interim judge who handled the case considered it unfounded. Carioca, however, claims that he will introduce a new operation.

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The complicated situation began in 2005, when João Marcelo, better known as Marcelo Valente, received a letter to introduce the program to Luciano Hack by presenters Rodrigo Hilbert and Fernanda Lima, with whom environmentalists claim to have a good relationship to this day.

“The Opala was a gift from my uncle to my father. After my father passed away, this uncle made me vow that he would never pass the car. It was known because it was parked in front of my booth, in Rio de Janeiro. With the movement of time, it had rusty parts, but it was Complete, alignment, original wheels and new carburetor,” says Joao Marcelo.

Before the renovation, the Opala SS 79 had rusty doors

Photo: reproduction

He says he saw in the show the opportunity to see his dream of renewing Opala come true. But after a few days of recordings, everything turned into a nightmare that culminated in the breach of a promise he had made to his uncle.

“When I recorded the program, the license plate was covered with a Lata Velha sticker. They did not give me the car right away because, they said, there was no documentation. The strange fact is that on the Tuesday after the painting went live, saying that a viewer had made an offer in the amount of 120 thousand Rls for the refurbished car. Of course I did not accept”, says Joao Marcelo.

Two months later, when the car finally got into his hands, the environmentalist said he realized it was another car with different license plates. “What frightened me the most was that the documents were in my name without me signing anything. Later, I found out that the delivered car was bought at an auction for R$4,200. They used a fake signature in the contract,” he accuses.

The environmentalist adds that after much insistence and through Fernanda Lima, he was able to arrange a meeting with Globo: “When I got there, I met 14 people, including a manager, who asked me what I wanted to solve the situation. They offered a lot of things, but I explained: I wanted Get my car back.

Joao Marcelo claims that he left the meeting and promised to return his opal with the same changes made to the caravan. When the car with the correct license plate was delivered, it was another surprise.

“As proven by two searches, one private and one carried out by DRFA, the car that was delivered was tampered with. They placed the Opala structure in the Caravan, which is a scam. I will be arrested if I am caught in a blitzkrieg.” .

Opal Lata Velha - Reproduction - Reproduction
Photo: reproduction

Documents point to fraud

NS UOL . cars He had access to a forensic examination and two expert reports that were attached to the case by Joao Marcelo as evidence. The first document is a report from the Carlos Iboli Institute, stating that the signature used in the authorization to transport the convoy to the environmental activist’s name is incorrect.

As for the inspections, one is private – carried out by the Terceira Visão Forensic and Inspection Company – and the other is signed by the Rio de Janeiro Police Car Theft and Theft Center. The first expert report notes that the vehicle has “obvious traces of the implant manipulation procedure” in the chassis identification numbering.

The second document, signed by experts Bruno Cinillo Araujo and Sergio William Silva Miano, states that “in view of the welding traces on the VIN inscription support plate, as well as the (secret) restricted coding, allied to the fact that it is a GM Caravan vehicle, bears coding Opal model, and experts concluded that the cheating occurred on the vehicle subject to checks, such as replacing the support plate or the implant.”

Joao Marcelo on Lata Felha with Luciano Hack - clone - clone

Joao Marcelo on Lata Felha with Luciano Hack

Photo: reproduction

Justice gives Globo a cause

The case was ruled in 2016 by acting judge Priscilla Fernandez Miranda Botelho da Ponte. According to the judge, despite the appeals, the application of the former participant in Lata Velha was rejected and he was sentenced to pay procedural expenses and attorneys’ fees within 10% of the value of the case (100 thousand Brazilian reais), perks of justice were observed.

In her conclusion, the judge stated that “the plaintiff handed over a car in a dangerous condition, of no commercial value and no traffic conditions, and obtained a completely refurbished and stylized vehicle, with a commercial value of 120,000 Brazilian riyals (according to the proposed purchase) and in return rich a Song In a program. I affirm, once again, that the plaintiff agreed to the terms of the program, so much so that he was liable to accept the changes to be made by the defendants, without arresting any interference with the reform. He was also at risk of losing the property that he claims to take so much care of.”

With regard to documents, the judge understands that “there is no news of the completion of investigations by the police authority (…) and it cannot be established that the final document was the subject of a forgery or any other element, since the investigation of the crime is in the police field. The fact is that if there is Any fraud, it had to be proven, which it didn’t.”

Opal Lata Velha - Personal Archive - Personal Archive
Photo: personal archive

Depression and abandonment of the car

Joao Marcelo claims he became depressed after his sentence. According to him, this whole affair only brought problems, such as the closing of his booth and his move to Cabo Frio (RJ), in Região dos Lagos, where he lives today.

“I couldn’t bear to have people talking about the car all the time in my booth. I had to leave everything and move to another city. But what bothered me the most about the whole story – besides the court not taking my testimony in case and ignoring the evidence presented – I read several comments saying I wanted to show up,” he regrets.

To show the current condition of the car, João Marcelo provided exclusive photos to UOL . cars. According to him, in disgust with the situation, he rammed the car and donated equipment to other people.

“These pictures are not of my car, it’s a crime committed in my name. I left them on a plot, but I wanted to leave them in front of Projac. It’s a huge disappointment, especially with Luciano Huck, who knows everything, he used my story and didn’t say ‘goodbye’ at the end of the recording. He I always made it clear that I would waive the process if they publicly backtracked on the offer,” concludes owner Opala.

Currently, the ex-participant is with new attorneys and claims he’s going back to court against the station. He says that if he wins, he will use part of the compensation in sustainability and environmental restoration actions.

Rede Globo and her attorney were contacted in the process, but they were not back in contact until the report was published. The Nittro Hotrods workshop responsible for the renovation no longer exists and the previous partners have not been located.

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