Larissa Manuela makes a new look for “Além da Ilusão”; See details! | fashion beauty

Larissa Manuela makes a new look for "Além da Ilusão";  See details!  |  fashion beauty

Larissa Manuela Looking again! in September, The actress got dark Poetry To record scenes from the first stage of behind the illusion And now it has undergone a new transformation. Only she, in the second part of the story, will give life to another character.

Larissa celebrated “the last transformation of the year, one of the most significant because Isadora was born in ‘Beyond Illusion.’ Another special moment in my career.”

Larissa Manuela in a new look for the second stage of the movie “Além da Ilusão” – Photo: Globo / Fábio Rocha

The actress cut and bleached her hair for 10 years of the series. In the plot, she played the role of sisters Elisa and Isadora in different decades. They both fall in love with David, the character they play Rafael Vitti.

For a change, the actress—who was on her first job at Globo—needed to follow a few precautions. “Because my previous coloring was a darker color, in this shift Joe Bosco had to do a color cleanup, where bleach was used to remove the dark pigments and then we lighten them,” he explained.

Larissa has released a new song that brings with it the current version of her personal and professional stage: “Music reflects this moment in my life and speaks of a more mature girl, who owns her feelings and feelings, who lives everything intensely, both in relation to another person and in relation to herself,” he summarized. Watch more details about “Leave me a Milhão”

The actress already has long and short hair, blonde, brunette and redhead. ignite your enthusiasm

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