Labor promises multi-million dollar investments to revitalize the British economy

Labor promises multi-million dollar investments to revitalize the British economy

Sh labor Party A British man revealed some of his messages this month in an attempt to motivate him there Maltresha Economy Dale United kingdom. In a speech addressed to cheerful militancy At the party’s annual conferenceeconomic speaker, Rachel ReevesHe strongly attacked the conservative government and promised to arrest it Infrastructure investments And in strategic sectors to enhance growth, at a time when families are suffering Effects of inflation And increasing the types of interest in their mortgages.

“Today we are far behind our counterparts while the coup is underway private sector As a proportion of GDP, with spending tens of thousands of billions of pounds less New machines And new infrastructure,” Reeves lamented. “With our leadership, we will get there again Investment to GDP ratio Which we had with the last Labor government. He added: Let us put ourselves on the same level as our competitors 50,000 million pounds Additions to our GDP every year,” stressed Reeves, who promised to create a public investment fund to strengthen cooperation between the public and private sectors.

Less bureaucracy

The party presented itself as the only one capable of “Rebuilding the country Behind what they see as 13 years of disastrous economic policies by the Conservative government. Among its proposals is to give greater flexibility to ayuntamientos Construction of social housing Eliminate part of it Bureaucracy In implementation Commercial projects Dedicated to energy transformation and digital transformation, such as building battery manufacturing factories, developing wind farms, or implementing 5G technology. “Luce Decision deadlines To implement national infrastructure increased by 65%, up to four years of media. Reeves promised that this would change with Labour.

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Privileging major utilities to obtain investment increases the promise of a Effective management of public spending If he wins the next elections. The official spokesman for the economic formation promised to reduce the amounts allocated to advisors and assistants and announced the creation of a committee for Investigating fraud cases In providing aid and grants during pandemic. A fraud measured by the party 7.200 million pounds (8,300 million euros), of which only 2% was recovered.

“We will do whatever is necessary for this Money back From taxpayers, bring the embezzlers before the courts and recover up to the last cent of public money, which belongs to services such as Health or police“, Reeves confirmed before applause from his aides. The party also announced new measures in labor affairs, such as the implementation of A Minimum wage according to the cost of lifeprohibiting it “zero hours” contracts;where the employee does not have the minimum number of hours allocated and lacks rights such as paid vacancies, or Eliminate the pay gap Between men and women. “The position of abolishing the Treasury [ministro de Finanzas] It has been around for 800 years, but no one has inhabited it and it is still there. “I hope to address you at our next conference as the UK’s first Finance Minister.”

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