Know when the new value increases to you

Know when the new value increases to you

The minimum wage is adjusted annually by the federal government, and its new value has already been set. The index, which is the same for all workers, will receive a significant increase. This amendment should benefit thousands of workers who receive the monthly minimum wage as a bonus.

The minimum wage has been adjusted to R$1,502: find out when the new value increases for you. (Photo: Franklin Roosevelt)

newly, Hey Finance Minister Fernando HaddadView details of the amendment set by the Federal Government. This increase will still need the approval of the National Congress. However, it is expected to be approved without changes.

  • The next increase is expected to be 6.39%.
  • Therefore, the value which is currently R$1,412 should increase to R$1,502;
  • The index was determined on the basis of overall inflation.
  • In addition, the increase in GDP was also added;
  • According to Roosevelt specialist Leila Cunha, calculation is performed as a means of evaluating the worker;
  • This is because the increase in the past depended only on inflation;
  • However, this calculation led to losses for workers because the high costs did not allow for a real gain;
  • If approved, this increase will not be implemented until 2025.
  • This is because this year's amendment has already been implemented by the federal government;
  • An estimate has also been provided for other years.
  • For 2026, the minimum is expected to be R$1,582;
  • For 2027, the value should be R$1,676 for 2027;
  • While in 2018 the value should be R$ 1,772;
  • The proposal must be formally voted on and if approved the values ​​will be updated from 2025.

Find out more details about A Benefit available to workers In this link.

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