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with advent and progression COVID-19, more and more symptoms tend to appear. Some of them are even unusual. For example, a small group of People Problems such as hairy tongue, purple fingers and skin rashes.

Another study of more than 60,000 people who tested positive illnessthat a small percentage had ringing in the ears, eyes aches, skin irritation, red rash on the face or lips, hair loss, and unusual joint pain.


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Another analysis of more than 600,000 people, conducted in the United Kingdom, showed that part of those infected with Covid-19 also developed purple sores and blisters on the feet, and numbness throughout the body, among other symptoms.

“Although the symptoms related to Covid-19 are caused by the direct effect of the virus or, even by the action of the body’s defenses in an effort to fight the virus, some of the symptoms are caused by mechanisms that are not yet understood,” says Dr. Bernardo Almeida, Master of Infectious Diseases at UFPR (Federal University of Paraná) and Medical Director of HELLAB.

Unusual symptoms are common

The expert points out that no matter how rare the symptoms are, their incidence may increase according to the number of cases (if it increases or not).

“For example, a symptom that occurs in 0.1% of cases will only occur ten times if the number of cases is ten thousand. On the other hand, if there are ten million cases in the world, then this symptom will manifest itself in ten thousand cases, and it may become a problem with a greater impact, though they occur relatively rarely, he points out.

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It is also worth noting that many of these symptoms may arise due to other diseases that the affected person may have. Therefore, it is necessary to consider other diagnoses. “Hair loss, for example, can be caused by anemia, hypothyroidism, or even mental factors related to stress. Therefore, those who already have one of these conditions may be at increased risk of symptoms if they contract Covid-19, ”explains the doctor. .

Hair loss may also be linked to Covid-19 (Image: goodluz/Shutterstock)

Check out five unusual symptoms of Covid-19

hairy tongue: “Also called hairy tongue, it is a condition associated with a change in the normal exchange pattern of cells in the buccal mucosa, which build up, leaving the tongue with a different appearance than usual. The good news is that this condition only lasts a few weeks, and returns to normal in the vast majority of cases. cases,” the doctor reassures.

Tingling in the nervesThe doctor explains that this symptom indicates the action of a virus or the immune system on the peripheral nervous system. “It can occur even with neuropathic pain, similar to what happens with herpes zoster. Frame accuracy is the norm after a few weeks. If persistent, an evaluation by a neurologist is recommended,” he says.

skin irritation: rash occurs in viral diseases, many of which are common in childhood, but also affect adults. “The main mechanisms are viral action and/or immune reaction. Usually, it is mild symptoms that improve spontaneously, but in more severe or long-term cases, evaluation by a dermatologist is recommended.”

hair loss: It is common for hair strands to fall out naturally, as they have a certain age. Usually, new hairs appear in their place. However, several factors can affect this life cycle, such as disease or stressors, which eventually cause several hairs to end their life cycle at the same time, temporarily increasing the rate of hair loss. In Covid-19, these two factors (illness and stress) are likely to contribute to these symptoms, which tend to normalize with new hair growth, the doctor confirms.

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Purple toes with blisters or soresThere is no consensus about these symptoms, which are also called “Covid toes”. “They can be caused by microthrombi in the small vessels of the fingers, but this is just a theory, not yet proven. Fortunately, they get better with time, and in more severe cases, some topical medications can be used to alleviate the symptoms,” he says.

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