Kiss Gabriel Cartolano and Anna Paola Reno live at Fofocalizando – EM OFF

Kiss Gabriel Cartolano and Anna Paola Reno live at Fofocalizando - EM OFF
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Romantic mood dominated me SBT’s gossip, On Monday afternoon (24). You are Presidents Gabriel Cartolano and Anna Paula RenoInfluenced by Fluor and Chris Flores, kissing live. They exchanged caresses with an acrylic board that kept them from touching, a precaution taken due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The joke came as the hosts questioned the kissing scenes in the soap operas that were recorded during Stone. “Come on, the two of us first“, Said Anna Paula, addressing colleague Fleur. The two went to the board, which also had a comfortable place for their hands, hugged it and took a click.

Then came the turn of Cartolano, who also introduced Vem Pra Cá alongside Patrícia Abravanel. “Now your turn, Cartolano“Glad I’m Paula.”Wash off well“, Previous participant A Fazenda completed, While the production person cleaned the plate with alcohol gel. “Go Cartolano … what softness“Disdain for Fleur.

Embarrassed, he kisses Anna Paula, who made sure to hold the show partner’s face so he wouldn’t run away. “Let me say something here … You know I have a wedding so please defend me“Chris asked Flores. Then he gave Fleur a kiss, too.”My hand held his butt, it’s coolSaid the former aide to Silvio Santos.

Check out the unusual moment below:

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