King Charles III talks to regulate streamers in England

King Charles III talks to regulate streamers in England

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s government plan, read by the monarch, argues that streaming sites will fall under the umbrella of the British body.

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King Charles III officially announced Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s British government proposal to regulate streaming platforms in a speech today. A “Media Bill” bill in the new legislature of Parliament plans to regulate streamers and television.

Part of the speech, read by King Charles III, says the plan “seeks to better protect children by applying similar standards to TV for streaming giants”. The Hollywood Reporter.

After all, if approved, the move would put giants Netflix, Amazon and Disney under regulatory body Ofcom’s code of conduct. This means that North American streamers can be fined up to £250,000 – around R$1.5 million – if they break the rules.

As stated therein GuardianOfcom will have the power to consider complaints about Netflix and Disney+ products.

The organization already looks after British television material.

“The Bill will ensure that standards are maintained in video on demand services through a new proportional video on demand code, which will be drawn up and enforced by Ofcom,” the text says.

Reaction of the Stages to King Charles

Subsequently, platforms reacted to the bill. Netflix said some points in the “media bill” would lead to early removal of films and TV series from its service in the UK to avoid infringements, although it supported the plan. The Hollywood Reporter.

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TV stations argue that the scheme provides a level playing field and guarantees for content.

Finally, ITV CEO Caroline McCall defended the bill Variety. “This is an important step to ensure that public service broadcasters continue to invest in great British content that our audiences love, because our programs will be easier for people to discover on all major TV platforms and devices,” he said.

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