King Charles accepted an invitation to attend Princess Lilibet’s christening but did not go and unveil a new book

King Charles accepted an invitation to attend Princess Lilibet’s christening but did not go and unveil a new book

King Charles is said to have accepted the invitation, but did not attend the christening of his youngest granddaughter, Princess Lilibet, even after exchanging letters with Meghan Markle about the emotional distance between them, according to the new royal book by biographer Omid, “Endgame.” Mirror.

Speculation about family relationships

Princess Lilibet’s christening ceremony was held earlier this year in California, in the presence of her parents, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and her older brother, Prince Archie. However, members of the royal family, including Charles, Prince and Princess of Wales, chose not to attend, leaving royal fans wondering if they had been invited.

According to Scobie’s book, King Charles was invited to the celebration but was unable to find a place on his schedule. Despite this, Harry and Meghan keep the royal informed of their grandchildren’s activities, sending her pictures of the children. The contact, according to Scobie, is “not very frequent,” but included an exchange of letters in the spring of 2021, following an undisclosed interview between the couple with Oprah Winfrey.

Additionally, the book alleges that Meghan named two members of the royal family in private letters sent to King Charles detailing comments about Prince Archie’s skin tone. Although author Scobie claims to know the names, UK laws prevent him from revealing them.

Harry recently clarified his comments about racism in the royal family during an interview with ITV News on Ten’s Tom Bradby show. He stated that he did not classify the royal family as racist, but rather blamed it on “unconscious bias.” “Endgame” also highlights that Meghan never explicitly used the terms “racist” or “racist,” citing “continuing unconscious bias and ignorance” within the family.

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This new chapter in the royal saga adds more nuance to the already complicated relationship between Harry, Meghan, and members of the British royal family.

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