Kim Catagwere announces the candidacy of Danilo Gentile for the presidency in 2026 – Politics

Kim Catagwere announces the candidacy of Danilo Gentile for the presidency in 2026 – Politics
Danilo Gentili plays with a presidential banner: MBL will collect signatures at the comedian’s shows to become a party (Image: Social Networks/Reproduce)

Federal MP Kim Katagweri (Unio-SP), one of the founders of the MBL, has announced that he intends to transform the movement into a political party, launching presenter Danilo Gentili as a candidate for the future presidential nomination in 2026.

“We have been defending and we will build Danilo Gentile’s candidacy for 2026 and he will run,” the parliamentarian declared.

During his participation in the “Flow” podcast, Katagiri explained that he will begin the process of converting Movimento Brasil Livre into a party abbreviation. For this purpose, the idea is to collect signatures, which are obligatory, even at Gentili’s concerts.

When confronted by presenter Igor 3K, in the hypothesis of the presenter running for Palácio do Planalto and winning the polls in 2026, the country will become Ukraine, as the representative of the European country, Volodimir Zelenski, comedian, Kim recalls that former US President Ronald Reagan left The small screen also to become president of the White House in 1981.

MBL (Movimento Brasil Livre) led by Kim Cataguerre appeared during the demonstrations calling for the impeachment of former President Dilma Rousseff.

Subsequently, several MBL-related names ran for public office and were elected. In 2018, the movement endorsed the candidacy of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) against Fernando Haddad (PT) in the second round by calling for a “helpful vote” in the far-right politician.

Already at the beginning of the previous government, Katagiri and other members of the movement abandoned Bolsonaro.

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Councilman Fernando Holiday, one of the main names in the MBL, left the movement on the grounds that “anti-abortion and the LGBT issue are not MBL flags”.

Supposedly gay, Holiday continues to position himself in networks in line with Jair Bolsonaro. In 2022, he attempted to elect himself a deputy, but failed. He then left Nouveau and announced that he would not run for public office.

Another controversial episode involving the MBL and its members was the one starring former State Rep. Arthur de Vale Mamie Fale, who becomes a pre-candidate for governor of São Paulo in 2022.

However, after an audio clip is leaked to the networks in which Arthur says that Ukrainian women are “easy because they are poor”, his term in Alice (Sue Paulo Legislative Assembly) is revoked.

At the time, MBL repudiated the lines of one of its most famous members, but attributed the criticism and negative repercussions on the networks to the “exploiters”.

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