Kantor says he fell off the stage after being attacked by a fan during a concert in Goiania; Video | Goiás

Kantor says he fell off the stage after being attacked by a fan during a concert in Goiania;  Video |  Goiás

Singer Bruno Henrique says he was attacked by a Palmeiras fan after he joked about defeating Flamengo, in Goiania. Video shows that the citizen falls from the stage after being kicked (see above).

The case took place last Saturday (27 years) in a concert hall in the capital. After the images were echoed online, the singer reposted the video on social media on Monday (29) and expressed himself saying he was fine.

“I fell off the stage, didn’t get hurt. It’s even more scary, because he who sings doesn’t wait for a man to come and set his foot.” […] “Only with a bruise on the leg, it quickly disappears and everything is fine,” said the singer.

Singer Bruno Henrique says he was attacked at a concert in Goiânia, Goiás – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Bruno said the case took place on the day of the Copa Libertadores de America final. At the start of the show, he said that he played a joke with the Flamengo fans, as the Rio team lost 2-1 to Palmeiras. The aggression occurred when he was singing the third song.

“Those who know me know that I play with everyone, I always do it lightly, and have no respect for anyone. So, I went up on stage and joked, ‘Hey boy, there was such a thing as boring in Uruguay, is there a Flamengo fan?’”

The recording shows sertanejo falling from the stage after an aggression in Goiânia – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

After he played the game, the man climbed onto the stage and a video clip shows the moment his compatriot was attacked and even fell off the stage.

“I thought throughout the show the guy was a Flamengo fan. No, the guy was from Palmyra, but aside from that, that’s no reason for him to do it,” he said.

The singer also said that he is grateful that nothing more serious has happened.

“I am fine and very happy that nothing more serious happened,” he said, “because there was a helmet on his desk, and on the other hand he had a bottle, it could have been something much worse.”

According to the lawyer and one of the musician’s businessmen, Douglas Mora, the military police were called, but the singer chose not to file a police report, because if this was done, he would have to leave the show to go to the police. Station. The businessman also reported to the Military Police that the 62-year-old admirer had confirmed that he was from Palmyra and that he was wrong about the situation.

NS g 1 I contacted Palmeiras’ press office, by e-mail sent at 8:39 p.m. on Monday, to obtain a position on the situation and awaits a response.

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