Junior begins his first solo career. Watch the music video for “De Volta pra Casa” | amazing

Junior begins his first solo career.  Watch the music video for “De Volta pra Casa” |  amazing

Júnior releases the first video of his solo career on Fantástico

His career has spanned 34 years, but this is the first time Junior has gone down this path on his own. In 2019, he and his sister Sandy got together to celebrate 30 years of their career and the desire to launch a solo act arose.

“Throughout the whole process, out there at the shows, I had this thought that I was out of touch with myself. And then, you know, this feeling of ‘wow, this is who I am.’ I’m a pop artist. I can’t be apart of pop music. I stopped a long time ago, years and years without dancing. “This gave me a lot of pleasure,” he says. amazing.

Sunday (29) He released the first 10 songs from this work He reveals that he participated in writing and producing all the album’s songs. But to get to your own project, it’s been a long journey.

After the duo ended, Junior participated in several projects. He expanded his activities as a musician and multi-instrumentalist. He played drums in a rock band, did internet projects, electronic music…

“They were things that made me happy, but they left a certain void deep inside me,” says the singer. “And that’s what I understood during the tour.”

“I changed it and changed it. It got into the repertoire and it really affected me. I said, ‘Wow, this is good. These words speak exactly to everything I felt,'” he recalls.

It’s been another year of the creative process, weeks locked in the studio, late nights of tracks, and hours upon hours of rehearsals. Finally the finished product arrived.

“It’s dance-pop, with quieter, more introspective, sadder moments. And very happy moments, with a lot of pulse and big beats. Maybe nothing is too obvious, maybe not for me. I like to break expectations a little bit. And that’s all ‘I’m so happy,'” Man,” he reveals.

The album is, of course, the result of a lot of work, but it is also the result of a maturation process for the artist.

“Singing was something that I stayed away from for many years, and I had pain over it. And it was difficult to deal with. I think I faced a lot of criticism as a kid, and I believed a lot of it. I think that through this whole process, I ended up overcoming a lot of the barriers that I had, “Including as a singer. I see it as an act of courage, you know? Do it.”

This Sunday (29) he released the first 10 songs from this work. He co-wrote and produced all the album’s songs.

Next, the singer plans to go on tour. “I can’t take this silence in my life anymore, do you understand? I need this hustle,” he adds.

Fantástico live premiered the first track of Junior Lima’s solo career: “De volta para casa”. Watch the video below:

Junior releases “De Volta Pra Casa” music video

Listen to Fantástico podcasts:

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