Jundiaí welcomes professionals from the UK to learn about SUS

Jundiaí welcomes professionals from the UK to learn about SUS

This Thursday (23) Jundiaye received a visit from a group of health professionals from the United Kingdom. Visitors are members of Modality, committed to the values ​​of the National Health System (NHS) – the health system in England. The NHS provides primary care services to more than 7 million people in the country.

The Qualisa Management Institute (IQG), a partner of São Vicente de Paulo Hospital, mediated the meeting. Therefore, the aim is to enhance the exchange of experiences between the two health systems and explore best practices for sustainable development in the region.

The British delegation included CEO Dr. Vincent Say, Medical Director of Primary Care Dr. Meena Gupta, CEO Dr. Ravi Sandhu and Danilo Moreira from the British Consulate. Those who received them were authorities from Jundiai, including the HSV superintendent, Matthews Gomez; the clinical director of the hospital, Dr. Federico Michelino de Oliveira; Administrative Coordinator of the Technical Center for Family Health Strategy (NTESF), Pamela Mango; Director of the Civic House (UGCC), Dr. Gustavo Maricel; and Director of Health Promotion (UGSP), Thiago Teixeira.

Experiences and solutions

According to Matthews Gomez, the partnership between HSV and IQG has made it possible to obtain ONA Level 2 – fully accredited certification in December 2023. Currently, the organization is conducting the integrated qualification process to obtain network certification, together with six Basic Health Units (UBS). Qualification will ensure standardization of care and harmonization of procedures across services.

“Through this partnership with IQG, we got to know Modality, which sought to share experiences with a unit providing quality healthcare in Brazil. Jundiaí was chosen for its seriousness and the quality of the work it does for the benefit of the population,” Gomez explained.

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Jundiaí is a reference model in primary care

Mara Machado, CEO of IQG, highlighted the opportunity to partner with the UK and discuss healthcare redesign. According to her, Jundiaí was carefully selected due to her great maturity in this regard.

Director of Health Promotion, Thiago Teixeira, considered the visit a unique moment to exchange experiences between the Unified Health System and the National Health Service. “Jundiai has learned a lot about her primary care model, and she has also learned from the NHS to advance the field,” he said.

Furthermore, Modality CEO, Dr. Vincent Say, expressed his satisfaction with the visit and the opportunity to collaborate with SUS. “The idea is to strengthen cooperation between the English public health system and SUS. It has been a pleasure to understand and be part of the public policies being developed here in Jundiai.

The Director of the Civic House, Dr. Gustavo Maricel, stressed the importance of the meeting to present the characteristics of public health in Jundiai and exchange experiences with visitors. “Jundai also had the opportunity to learn from good NHS practice and integrate measures for the benefit of its citizens,” he said.

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