Juliette Freire blows up Bolsonaro’s government by vaccinating against Covid-19

Juliet was vaccinated and featured the moment on her social networks (Image: Playback/Instagram)

Previous BBB Juliet Freire They were vaccinated against Covid-19. On social networks, the make-up artist shared a photo of the moment, and when commenting on the post, she pinned a profile Bolsonaro’s government:

“In spite of you, tomorrow will be another day…”. Living is a political act. Living in Brazil is resisting denial that kills. Gratitude and respect for those who strive for the future and respect science. Thank god! Of all that I experienced at the BBB, reading the announcement of the arrival of a vaccine was one of the most powerful of senses. The day I left, I knew my mother had been vaccinated and my heart sank.”

Today is my moment and I can only thank the lives of my people and remember all those who could not survive. I come from public school and public university, and I oversee public health and SUS”, Done.

At the end of the post, Juliet took the opportunity to offer some thanks: “Thank you to the frontline professionals I see in Jacqueline at this moment, the health professional who gave me the vaccine. Get vaccinated and keep taking care of yourself“.

Artists and celebrities celebrated Juliet’s post in the comments. “A good vaccine is a vaccine in the armCarlinhos Brown said. “It is about thinking of the otherGabi Amarantos Books. “AndHope for better daysAnna Paula Reno said. “Beautiful and fortifiedPraised by Taina Muller.

Juliet, by the way, opened the game in her documentary, available on Globoplay, and spoke about the posts she made in the lives of some celebrities:

“I wasn’t ready to sing. I picked up songs on the day, and it didn’t fit into the perfect tune, just like a singer, because I’m not a singer. I really wanted to do it out of gratitude, I wanted to find that audience and I wanted to give back.” [todo esse carinho] to the northeast.”

“During this period, all the cameras were shifted to the northeast, and people had an open communication channel, so I saw it as [uma forma de] Give back everything they gave me“It is to explain.

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The former sister explained that listening to sing was not easy. “It was a very big challenge. I shuddered at the base, see? I regret life…of course I lived my life out of gratitude to the Northeast and the singers, but I took a step bigger than my leg, I was really crazy to do it. If I knew I’d be so scared, I wouldn’t, but it worked, I guess, he commented.

“Now you study. Just live! Study, study, study. I only come back to sing when I’m really ready.”“, Complete.

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