Juliet says she lost her virginity at the age of 19

Juliet says she lost her virginity at the age of 19

JULIET Today on Instagram, she said that she lost her virginity at the age of 19. About the first kiss, the “Big Brother Brazil” 21 champion said that she was 14.

The lawyer and make-up expert confessed to her followers in a video clip posted on the social networking site. In the previous picturesBBB He answered a series of questions from the aloe plant – so called its fans.

When asked when she had her first kiss, she ended up losing her virginity.

“Give me,” she said. I was scared because I thought it was something else. The first kiss, I think, was at fourteen and the first kiss at nineteen.”

Juliet also commented on the BBB flirting post. When asked if courtship is more difficult to keep secret or more exciting,

“Actually, I wanted to keep a charm. In case I needed it. All this fuss people make doesn’t get to me. Sometimes I send.”hello gone“But it’s hard to continue the story,” she said.

distance reality showThe heroine of the program said that she had already fulfilled many dreams, including meeting Gilberto Gil. She said, “I have sung with many artists, but I will also buy the house for my family. I will provide health insurance for my family, and teach for my nephews.”

Around her and her team are hosted in a house AnitaI joke that the singer loves. “She loves this cabaret,” said Juliet. “She thinks it’s good.”

The lawyer said she sometimes gets scared when she sees fans crying, desperate, when they see her. “I feel a little sad,” she said, “and it also freaks me out when I see someone dictating something that isn’t real.”

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Still in relation to her fans, she also said she is concerned about the bigotry around her. “Sometimes they do things that make me feel sorry for them, like people waiting for me in the cold in São Paulo or buying a plane ticket to accompany them. I fight with them and say I don’t want them to do that. If you really love them, they will stay healthy, because I will be,” said Juliet. calm down afterwards.”

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