Juliet says she caught COVID-19 after going to restaurants

Juliet says she caught COVID-19 after going to restaurants

Juliet and Camila De Lucas spoke in the kitchen of “BBB 21” (TV Globo) About the care their mothers receive during the new pandemic Corona Virus. The influencer said she had always been concerned about the disease and that her mother was careful and took care of herself.

In the chat, Juliet revealed that she spent four months alone with her mother at the start of the epidemic and considered herself a neurotic with care.

“I used to get my mom out of the mask, the glove, and the face [shield]. The make-up artist said, “She looked like ET.”

Juliet said that after moving from Campina Grande to Joao Pessoa for work, she began frequenting restaurants, bars and clubs with social distancing. “These things have already been released from some distance,” he said.

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The make-up artist said that during this period she stopped visiting her mother in Campina Grande and later became contaminated with COVID-19. The Paraiba woman revealed that she suspected she had the disease at one of these meetings with friends and ended up scolding Camilla.

If you are calm, right? The point is that you can’t, you have to stay home. If you can, stay home. Who should stay home? Who can work from home. We know that there are people who need to work, otherwise they will go hungry. This is precisely the reason, because an asymptomatic person who thinks they do not have COVID-19 leaves and passes.

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