Juliet Reaches 20 Million Followers on Instagram

Juliet Reaches 20 Million Followers on Instagram

Just under a week after reaching 19 million followers on Instagram, Juliet’s Official ProfileBBB 21 “has already managed to celebrate 20 million people. One of the favorite participants of the version, Juliet is already the most-followed sister in the house, surpassing her Viih Tube and her 18.5 million.

The profile made a commemorative post with an emotional text: “20 million is a lot of people, a lot of dreams, a lot of effort. An energy that we feel is hitting hard here, really. A force we didn’t even know we had, all the affection that Juliet feels is also in The interior, for this reason, rises with every tumble, “the text says. He continues: “You changed her story and changed our history, and I admit that you also respect her and respect her.”

To celebrate this achievement, the profile decided to give a vision to 20 NGOs. “For a historical landmark, we want a different interest. That’s why we went to the Para Quem Donar website, and picked 20 Arubas that deserve our attention. We said the text, making it clear that these are serious and committed NGOs and social projects towards people with social vulnerability.”

Juliet’s social media numbers keep growing, and she has become one of the most followed participants of all of her issues reality. The sister is also now part of the company that manages the contact area in Anita. Today, the makeup artist was thrilled to see Video of João Luiz’s angel, and he says he regrets not winning anything in the game.

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