Judge stops the lawsuit against the name pending a mental health examination – capital

Judge stops the lawsuit against the name pending a mental health examination - capital
Vehicles used by the Omertà teams in front of a beautifully named house, September 27, 2019 (Photo: Arquivo / Campo Grande News)

Judge Olivar Augusto Robert Koniglian, owner of the Second Criminal Court in Campo Grande, halted proceedings under his responsibility against Jamil Asm, 80, who has been arrested since September 2019. The defendant has been in prison in Mossoró (RN) since he was a target of Operation Omertà, Against an armed militia he was assigned to lead.

Coneglian accepted the defense’s request to cause the mental health incident of the accused, who would be dementia and unable to make decisions. With the request accepted, the judge also decided to boycott the progress of the case until the report indicating whether the name had the mental capacity to respond naturally to the crimes attributed to it.

He was charged in at least six cases, ranging from formation of a criminal organization, corruption of public officials, money laundering, murder, arms trafficking, illegal possession of weapons and municipalities.

If there are justifiable doubts about the mental integrity of the well-named defendant, then I support the request submitted by the defense and decide to establish a mental health examination incident, “the judge wrote, adding that” stopping the operation until the accident is resolved. “

The measure comes from searches conducted at the businessman’s home, in Jardim São Bento, on September 27, 2019, when Omerta took to the streets, as well as at a beautiful horse farm in Campo Grande, where weapons were found. from Staff.

In the titles, a 9mm magazine, a 12-gauge rifle, two .38-caliber pistols, as well as ammunition were seized.

At any stage – This conviction began in October 2019, but is still in the witness hearing stage. A date has been set for this audience on May 5. Now, it should be suspended.

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There are two additional instances of mental madness in relation to Bassem Jamil, in proceedings in the Second and First Criminal Tribunals. There is no result yet.

If he is declared incompetent, this does not mean that he will be acquitted of the crimes he is accused of committing, but the type of possible punishment changes completely. In the case of homicide, for example, when the person is deemed incapacitated, there is no prison sentence, but there is some measure of hospitalization, which can last a lifetime.

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