Judge Bauru may have made one of the world’s first decisions on artificial intelligence

Judge Bauru may have made one of the world’s first decisions on artificial intelligence

Microsoft should remove Bing information, which uses artificial intelligence (AI), from its search platform that attributes to a doctor whether he authored crimes involving sexual harassment, which he is investigating. So Judge Gaeter Cortez Jr., of the Seventh Civil Court of Bauru, decided when issuing an injunction. The decision should be among the first in the world to force the removal of inaccurate material generated by the use of artificial intelligence, according to some lawyers.

According to the documentation minutes attached to the process, the artificial intelligence tool provided incorrect information in its research that the author would be investigated for the crime of sexual harassment in his medical profession. According to the defense, the doctor acts in the investigation of these facts, before the CRM, as a consultant.

Accordingly, the professional filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, stating that its research tool is not limited to collecting information and reproducing it, but rather it mistakenly changes the information contained in the press articles, according to a text published by Megalis, one of the most important legal sites in Egypt. Country Brazil.

According to Megalhas, Microsoft recently launched “New Bing”, in which the user can try searching using artificial intelligence technology, as described by the platform itself. According to the company, the tool is capable of “getting short answers” and “creating and authoring” emails, stories, and even a meal plan. Change was developed in partnership with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, and has similar functionality.

In this context, when analyzing the application, the judge considered the danger of delay clear, as it is a large platform, with global reach, and widely used, and it presents false and dangerous statements, which undermines honor. and the dignity of the author, which has been viewed by third parties.

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Therefore, I issued an injunction against the defendant, within 48 hours, to encourage the removal of the search for information attributing to the doctor the authorship of the crimes. In case of disobedience, a fine of R$5,000 was set, limited to R$250,000. The Bagagli e Moreno Advocacia office acts on behalf of the doctor.

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