Jose Alfredo was affected by Cristina’s explosion

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Since he discovered the degree of kinship with him Christina (Leandra Lyell), Jose Alfredo (Alexander Nero) didn’t want to know how close she was to the girl. In the following chapters from empire, He’ll explain it perfectly, but he’ll also hear the saleswoman say a few good things about him.

It all starts when Maria Marta (Lilia Cabral) decides to help her make the decision Elivaldo (Raphael Lusso) from prison. Even with an agreement, the shrew calls her home, but the leader doesn’t like her presence.

It continues after the announcement

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The King of Raw is cruel and infuriates Christina. She uses her departure to express the opinion of Marta’s lawyer. “He has made it clear that he does not want me around. It is written on his forehead. He does not love me.” Announce.

The young woman stated that she was not responsible for what happened in the past. “He does not like what I stand for, a past he wants to forget …”, He says.

But she does not imagine the leader listening to all that is hidden. “Should it be this thick? He barely looks in my eyes. Don’t even speak for my name! Did he not realize that I don’t want anything from him?”Daughter continues until (Malu Galli), which is still threatening.

“If it’s Medeiros, then me too! I warn you. I’m not a person to swallow and take shit home!” The ceremony, leaving José Alfredo impressed with the courage of his bastard daughter.

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