Jose Alfredo surprises Maria Isis with an invitation

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In the next chapters of the novel empireAnd the Give GlobeAnd the Jose Alfredo (Alexander Nero) visit to Maria Isis (Marina Rui Barbosa) The lover is left amazed. “Today’s surprise is mine … “, Says the commander as soon as he reaches the nymph’s house.

I want to see you more beautiful. Put on your best dress, style your hair, dye yourself, wear whatever you want…”, Follow Jose Alfredo. “I’m getting ready, my love, just for you…”, Maria Isis says. “It is for me, but it will be for this whole city too ”, The commander shoots.

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Let’s go out there, I want to walk with you hand in hand and take you to dinner in a beautiful place … “, Jose Alfredo adds. “swears? I do not believe!”, The lover speaks. “Well, believe me … unless you don’t want to, ” Husband says Maria Marta (Lily Cabral)).

I want, of course I want … ”, Isis confirms. “So you decide! Now do as I’m told and it doesn’t take long. I’ll stay here waiting for you,” Jose Alfredo reinforces. “Well, my love… I promise I won’t linger,” longer nymph.

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