Joao Silva reveals the true state of Faustau's health after a second transplant

Joao Silva reveals the true state of Faustau's health after a second transplant

On this day, Thursday the 14th John SilvaHe talked about his father's real health condition. Faustau. In conversation with fromThe 20-year-old presenter spoke about his communicator recovery 17 days after his second implant.

“He's clinically well, he's still in the hospital room, but he's fine and happy, and he's hopeful that everything will be fine. It's time to understand how long it takes for the kidney to start working. He had the operation and everything went well.” It turns out he has patience.” John explained.

“It's hard to spend seven months with two transplants, and even come home, with his restrictions, and he's fine and happy and playing. What matters most is your sanity in these times.” He added João, who said that the chances of adapting the new college are high.

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“There are cases and cases: some take longer, others less. But the chance of success in surgery is always very high for a kidney transplant,” he said. pointing to.

As for the lymphatic system procedures, João reported that everything went smoothly: “It went very well. An adjustment was made to see if this might actually delay kidney function. Then a biopsy of the kidney is taken – and there's this technical bit I'm not an expert in. “But it was a very good surgery. Quiet, like rearranging the house.”

“He's in the room, not in the ICU. We go there, we spend hours talking, we spend the day, and he already had his cell phone. Normal life there in the hospital. But, you have to be very patient.” “Let's see exactly what the next steps are and wait until this college really works. So, we're just rejoicing.”He concluded by saying that the 73-year-old broadcaster is still undergoing dialysis.

Joao Silva and Faustão

Joao Silva and Faustão

Photo: Reproduction/Ensemble/Mis Novella

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