Joao Roberto Mariño takes over the chairmanship of Grupo Globo | Media and Marketing

Joao Roberto Mariño takes over the chairmanship of Grupo Globo |  Media and Marketing

Grupo Globo announced Wednesday (28) that Roberto Irino Marinho will be replaced by Joao Roberto Marinho as chair of its board of directors.

With this move, which was resolved unanimously by the board, Roberto Irino Mariño now holds the position of Vice President of the Authority, which also includes Jose Roberto Marinho (also Vice President), Paulo Marinho, Roberto Marinho Neto, Alberto Pisiguero and Jorge Nobrega who is still in the presidency of Grupo Globo. There have been no changes in corporate control, nor in the performance of the board, whose tasks include defining business strategy, ensuring that the values ​​and Essência Globo are preserved and agreeing business plans, with a view to the future.

João Roberto Marinho will also continue to lead the editorial board, which is responsible for discussing and proposing direction and alignment on editorial issues, and the institutional committee, which has a role in monitoring and proposing lines of action for the group’s institutional relations. Jose Roberto Marinho will also remain chair of the Roberto Marinho Foundation.

“Over the past 20 years, Roberto Irino, Joao Roberto, and Jose Roberto Marinho have put a lot of effort into building a governance model for Grupo Globo that strives to achieve best corporate practices in the market. In 1998, the three moved into direct management of the company and formed a management committee, so that they could From the exercise of joint leadership of the company, having assumed, in 2011, the functions of the members of the board of directors that was created that year. The Chairman of the Board of Directors will now be held by Joao Roberto.Roberto Irene will assume the position of Vice President and will maintain his duties as a member of the Board of Directors, and support His brothers and other board members make the decision, ”explained Jorge Nobrega, Chairman of Grupo Globo and Globo.

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