Jim Ryan says he’s ‘frustrated’ that PlayStation games can’t reach more players

Jim Ryan says he's 'frustrated' that PlayStation games can't reach more players

Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said he was frustrated that the original PlayStation games were “closed” to the audience of the current console model of tens of millions of players.

Speaking in a lecture during G-Life: London (via VGC), the head of PlayStation said he aspires to reach hundreds of millions of players and compete with the reach of movies and music.

“I hope the PlayStation 5 (and I really believe in it) will be Sony’s biggest, best, and most popular PlayStation to date. I hope it does,” Ryan said when asked about his hopes for the future.

“I would also like to see a world where tens of millions of people can enjoy the games we create for PlayStation. Maybe hundreds of millions of people. Right now, success with the current console model, great success for PlayStation, you’re talking about 10 or 20 million people. are able to play this game.”

He continued, “We are talking about games compared to music, we are talking about games compared to movies. Music and movies can be enjoyed by an almost unlimited audience. And I think some of the artwork that our studios do is some of the best entertainment ever anywhere in the world.”

“And kind of protecting the public for the great art, the great entertainment that our studios provide… I am frustrated by preventing the public from that by 20 or 30 million. I would like to see a world where hundreds of millions of people can enjoy these games.”

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In case you missed it, at the same event we had a lecture Jade Raymond, who spoke about her game at Haven Studios for PlayStation.

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