Jill says he doesn’t want to be friends with Carole Konka and that he has stopped following Vie

Jill says he doesn't want to be friends with Carole Konka and that he has stopped following Vie

Gilberto Nogueira, better known as Gil do Vigor, said he didn’t want to be friends with rapper Karol Conká, and that he stopped following digital influencer Viih Tube after the show ended. BBB 21. The economist’s comments were made during an interview with Blogueirinha about “Difficult to Focus – Descancelados”, on GNT’s YouTube channel.

When asked if he had spoken to Carol Konka after episode 101 of BBB 21, Who was featured with all of the release’s co-stars – except for Bil who was recording No Limite in Ceará at the time -, Pernambuco was so honest, he mentioned that he hasn’t got in touch with the singer since then, and that he doesn’t want to be friends with her … outside of the house . But he stressed that the artist deserves respect and the attacks she was subjected to were unjustified.

He declared, “He has nothing to do with her being attacked. She deserves respect, but I do not want friendship.” “We’re kidding, but when I felt destabilized that fight with Arthur and told Pocah that she got rid of the wall, it bothered me so much, because it wasn’t a fight, it bothered me emotionally, I was so bad that day Jill said, I was so bad wanting to let go The program, “stressing that Carol Konka” deserves respect and should continue her life here. “

Gil do Vigor also revealed that after leaving reality Watching some of the show’s scenes has stopped watching the digital influencer Viih Tube on Instagram.

He said about Viih Tube: “When I left the program, I was bombarded with information, at the time I stopped following,” referring to the episode that, after an altercation with Pocah, YouTuber “got the wood on top of me, that it came later to collect me, when I said in the game of sedition “She acted for comfort. She came alive to say that she never spoke of me, because the wood came down on me from behind my back.” At that point, Blogueirinha said the YouTuber talks “every day” about Pernambuco.

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Gill stated, “This is over. It’s the stuff of the game, stay in the game” and that “Here we’re talking, if you are [no mesmo ambiente] I will say hello, good morning, good evening, I will smile, good. ”The economist also stated that he forgot to follow the influencer again due to lack of time.

Finally, Gail de Vigor said he feels a very special affection for Sarah Andrade and the show’s lead, Juliette Freire, with whom they have formed the group known as “G3”. “My feelings are both sincere,” he said.

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