Jill and Phuk are considering referring to the Wall Viih if they are leaders

Jill and Phuk are considering referring to the Wall Viih if they are leaders

Phuk and Gale talked about the game during the Boss Party atBBB 21 “(TV Globo). In the chat, Gilberto said he had a plan and revealed it to the singer. The Pernambuco official stated that if one of them is a leader, he should put Viih Tube on the wall.

“Who does not vote for you the first choice today? Who is voting for you only the first choice today? Only in it. She told me that if she wins the leader, she will not put me or appoint you, we just came back. Arthur is coming again, you go back to the criterion of not putting someone who just came back from The wall. […] “He’s back, me and you again,” Jill said, indicating that the influencer will target the pair on the next wall.

Phuk listened intently to his colleague’s speech.

“She can’t win the leader, otherwise we’re cracking. Joao, Camilla, Juliet aren’t voting.” [em nós]. We are at eight. Obviously, neither I nor you are voting for us. […] Tomorrow one will be eliminated, ie only Fei who is a dangerous leader for us. No matter who leaves, the leader cannot win it. Fei has no voice for neither Joao, Camilla nor Juliet. If we take the leader, it must be her face, otherwise we will take her at the rear, ”Gilberto assesses.

“Yes, yes,” Phuk agreed.

With Viih remaining on the wall and Pocah eliminated, Gilberto said, there would be six voices left in the house. Pernambucano also confirmed that he would try to combine voting for Arthur, but he would not vote for Camilla, Joao or Juliet. If Pocah is not eliminated, Gill said he will not vote for funkeira again.

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“Nobody nominates us at the beginning, we are in three,” Gill said, gesturing at him, Phoc and Arthur. “You can save yourself. That count should be, from three to three.” […] If they were the two most voted, then one of us would end up getting the two most voted. After that, we can move to the first six, “the brother speculated.

“It will depend on the next leadership,” answered Fayouq.

Gilberto concluded by saying, “If it was a fiery, it might break for us.”

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