Jesuela Morro, Julia from A Vida da Gente, returns to acting

Jesuela Morro, Julia from A Vida da Gente, returns to acting

Many viewers are following the series Our life They are currently asking themselves: How is this done Jesuela Morrow at the moment? The actress who lived the little Julia In plot time he grew up turning 16 today.

Since he worked on a business Lesia Manzo, She ended up shunning the small screens. He showed up a bit, but didn’t have a proper role as daughter I (Fernanda Vasconcelos) and Rodrygo (Raphael Cardoso).

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However, now the teenager wants to resume her artistic career. In an interview with the newspaper Or a balloonGiswela revealed that she will return to acting.

“I decided to return to the art world. Since August of last year, I’ve been taking courses with Simone Beghinni, participating in online plays and I’m going to Rio in July to record a new project. It’s the web series“ Bullying Games. ”Text and direction by Simon and Beatriz Berteaux. Supervising Sininha de Paula ‘Said the actress who left the entrance examination for medicine.

Jiswela currently lives in Curitiba and says she loves fallout with the TV series rematch at 6 o’clock. “I love it. It’s kind of nostalgic. I watch scenes and go backstage every scene. The memories all come back, I remember how we did it to record.”, Mentioned the actress, who saw her boom on Instagram with more followers and several messages.

“I have more than 20 thousand. Before that there were 4 thousand. Every day they post many questions about the series, so I always open this box. I am happy, it is a very loving relationship. Most of them want to know how to do and what to do”, She said enthusiastically.

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Watch how Giswela Moro did in 2021:

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