Jessica betrays Calango and causes Caesar to be eliminated from No Limit 5 TV News

Jessica betrays Calango and causes Caesar to be eliminated from No Limit 5 TV News

Tribo Calango’s team spirit finally came to an end on Tuesday (6), and Jessica Muller Don’t forget to touch her Caesar Dadur, being one of the main officials responsible for the elimination of Syrians in in the limit 5. By a majority of five votes, he left the dispute over a prize of R$500,000.

In this week’s episode, The clans were abolished and the eight participants formed a new team, called Jandaia. But Carcará closed the gap between them, and the four remaining participants agreed to protect themselves until they had eliminated all of the Calango members.

Carol VichyAnd the Marcelo Zulu e rays He won immunity by winning the tests held this week, and was unable to vote in the filter gate.

motion perception Former members of the Red TribeCaesar tried to express something similar with his former teammates, but found resistance from Jessica, his biggest opponent in the game. Weeks ago, he tried to convince his friends to cancel the personal trainer, but she was saved when Arcrebian de Araújo Request to leave the reality show.

Jessica saved mischief, and used her trump card at the right time. When the tribes united, I came across it Paula Amorim, has been friends since BBB18’s time, and made a deal with them.

When I learned that Karkara was willing to get rid of one of the Kalangu members, She insisted on saying to her friend He would have no problem voting for Caesar who was his ally in the game.

However, information circulated and Caesar, one of the strongest players on the reality show, was targeted with five votes, four from Carcara’s former rivals and one from Jessica.

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There are now seven participants left in Unlimited 5: Andre MartinelliCarol Ilana ValinariaJessica, Paula, Vegas and Zulu.

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