Jesinho presents plot to tell the story of Korea in the United Kingdom Carnival 2022

Jesinho presents plot to tell the story of Korea in the United Kingdom Carnival 2022
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Samba School Rhino da Libertad, Pat Forte O Tambourin Furiosa, who is part of the Manas Special Group! I want a tick tick tick. United Kingdom Jesinho opens the curtain to Korea. The event will take place on Friday (8/27) at the Terrero do Samba May Sulmira Gomes in Moro da Libertad, the southern region of Manaus.

According to the school, the party officially marks the beginning of the work of the Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Samba Unidos d Liberdade for Carnival 2022.

Jesinho Korea became a symbol of Amazonian culture. Photo: Breeding

The association will take the life, light and path of Jessinho Correa, one of Amazon ‘s greatest artists, who died in February of this year to Goa-19 disease, to the Samba Catwalk.

“Jacinho Correa, considered a symbol of culture, took the song, essence and magic of our land to the world. With many successes, including the song ‘Tik Tik Tak’, it has sold more than 15 million records,” the United Kingdom highlighted.


At the launch event, the summary will also be presented to groups of Do Enredo composers. Dates for the competition to select Samba Enredo will be announced during the banquet.

The ‘Amigos to Poskinho Poita’ group lives with a lot of bugs at night. ‘Batteria Furiosa’ promises to bring great success to the public. In addition, the school prepares tributes and surprises.

The event will start at 8:30 pm and will follow the health guidelines of health organizations, according to the organization. “It is mandatory to provide a vaccination card with a minimum first dose against the mask, alcohol gel and Covit-19,” the school insisted.

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Access is limited as tables for four sell for R $ 40. Can be booked (92) 9 9907-3700.

Photo: United Kingdom / Revelation

United Kingdom Independence

Under the direction of GRES United Kingdom of Liberty, the school is creating a number of jobs to promote carnival. Throughout the year, not only during festival periods, samba circles, rehearsals for folk groups, music and dance workshops create art and cultural activities within the court.

It is operated by Instituto Reino do Amanhã, which works with children and adolescents in a variety of areas. “As a result, today, it is the only samba school to carry more than five thousand spectators at all street rehearsals and one of the few schools to fill the stands on the night of the parade,” he says. .

In its 39-year existence, the United Kingdom of Liberty has played 31 titles, with Manas becoming the 13-time champion of the special team. Its latest title was in 2019, with the plot ‘Afro-Brazilian Drums, Beliefs and Customs — A Benoit May Sulmira’.

Photo: United Kingdom / Revelation

“In the last 15 years, it has managed to win 15 trophies, making it the only samba school in the country to achieve such a feat,” the UK insists.

There were 7 champion titles (2011, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019), 6 runner-up (2006, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2015, 2020) and 2 third place (2008 and 2013).

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