Jenilson Araujo announces his return to “Bom Día Rio” after treatment for tonsil cancer: “I am very happy” | News

Jenilson Araujo announces his return to “Bom Día Rio” after treatment for tonsil cancer: “I am very happy” |  News

Air correspondent Jenilson Araujo64, known on TV Globo Rio news programs for following the movements of Rio residents around the city and its suburbs from the GloboCop helicopter, announced on Instagram on Monday (27) that he would return to Good morning, Rio This Wednesday (29), almost six months after taking time off work to treat aggressive tonsil cancer.

“Guys, I'm back! It's a pleasure to resume my routine and I have a date with you on Wednesday (29/05) at 'Bom Dia Rio'! See you then! Kisses from Gegê,” the journalist wrote on the caption of the video.

In the video, Jenelson provided details about the time he spent away treating the illness. “Hello everyone! I'm back, after almost six months, and now with good news. The treatment is over. As you know, I took time off to treat cancer, a tumor that affected the amygdala, the amygdala disappeared. After the radiotherapy and the chemotherapy is over and thank God everything “It was successful.”

The professional – who throughout his career has covered high-profile events in the capital and the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area, such as floods and traffic problems – was grateful for the affection he received from friends and fans throughout his treatment.

“I want to say thank you very much. I would really like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who, in one way or another, supported my recovery, whether through prayer, prayer, work on African religions, vigils, prayer, in short, there were people They did penance. Thank you, people! They made sure of one thing: All that energy came through and I felt like my complete recovery was the result of a lot of faith they put into my recovery,” he said. “In all the energy that came with it.”

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“I really believe in this energy issue and also in science, which works together. I am very grateful to the doctors who accompanied me more directly, they were key people. In addition to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. These were very difficult times and these guys did not They never let us get discouraged. The radiotherapy and chemotherapy staff always had a word of comfort, strength and faith, always lifting us up, sometimes in the worst moments.”

Jenelson stated that he grew as a person after the illness. “It's been through, what's interesting and good to say is that we grow with these things. Life is not just a straight line, it's full of ups and downs, and I've lived, in the last six months, a low part in our life cycle and now I'm at the top and I'm at the top,” he said. Very happy. We've ended up growing as people, and I really want to thank everyone for their affection.”

The journalist explained that he decided to protect himself during treatment. “I have stayed away from social media, and I have stayed away from the phone as well, because it is a time when we focus a lot on ourselves. It is a very complicated and very difficult time. At my age I have never faced a very complicated moment in my life but thank God, with a lot of faith, a lot Of faith and certainty that the treatment will work and everything will go well.”

“The good news is that on Wednesday I'll be back on 'Bom Dia Rio.' Gone is the thing about waking up late. Now I'll wake up at 4:30 a.m., and have a cold. Shower to stay awake and cool (He laughed). Little by little I became stronger. He explained: “We lost weight, I lost weight, I lost 16 kilograms in about six months, so I am in a strengthening moment.”

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He concluded his speech by thanking once again for the love of his friends and the audience. “Look, I really want to thank you again, I want to thank everyone who gave me strength, who thought positively about my recovery, who thought good thoughts of me, because this made a difference in my recovery and in my health,” he highlighted.

“And my solidarity with our dear brothers who today live in the situation that I have already experienced, and who are going through this: do not give up, believe in science, and pray with the faith that you have, because nothing lasts forever. Suffering does not last forever, joy does not last forever, This is life for us, it is these cycles. Today I live in a better present than I have in a while, this is the essence of life!

Genilson Araújo announces his return to “Bom Dia Rio” after treatment for tonsil cancer

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