Jawahar: After the steps he took in the United States, the National Front only has a few days to end the investigation against Bolsonaro

Jawahar: After the steps he took in the United States, the National Front only has a few days to end the investigation against Bolsonaro

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The large volume of material obtained by the Federal Police (PF) in its investigations means the deadline for closing investigations into the case of illegally obtained jewelry by Jair Bolsonaro, initially scheduled for May, has been postponed. But the final report of the investigations, which is supposed to culminate in the indictment of the former president, is coming soon: The document should be issued in June.

According to Bela Bigali, columnist for the newspaper O Globo, the new deadline set by the National Front for completing the work came after Brazilian investigators went to the United States.

In the North American country, police officers had FBI cooperation With the aim of obtaining more details about the financial transactions allegedly carried out in the United States, within the scope of the scheme, by the former President and his former assistant Lieutenant Colonel Mauro Cid and his father, General Mauro Lorena Cid. .

Police officers conducted investigations in cities such as Miami, Florida; Wilson Grove, Pennsylvania; And New York. During international cooperation, documents and banking information of the suspects were sent to Brazil.

Bolsonaro is being investigated for embezzling jewelry and other luxury items given as gifts to the Brazilian state by the governments of other countries on official trips. According to what the National Front has published so far, the former president and his wife, Michel Bolsonaro, entered the North American country in December 2022 with $1 million worth of jewelry provided by the government of Saudi Arabia, some of which was reportedly sold.

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In a recent statement to the police force, Lieutenant Colonel Mauro Cid stated that he had exchanged messages with a potential buyer of the jewelry and declared that he had followed Bolsonaro's instructions. He also said that he personally went to a store in the United States to negotiate a luxury watch worth R$350,000 at the time. The issue is that the gifts that presidents receive on official trips are the property of the state and cannot be sold.

Cid was arrested in March on charges of violating the terms of a plea agreement, and was released again at the beginning of May, as decided by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Supreme Federal Court (STF). Mauro Cid's father, General Lorena Cid, is also the target of the investigations. He was mentioned as being involved in the jewelry scheme.

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The luxury goods sales scheme scandal in the USA came to light after Operation Luke 12:2, carried out by the Federal Police in August 2023, under orders issued by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the STF. The targets, all linked to former President Jair Bolsonaro, are suspected of having seized highly valuable assets of the Brazilian state, provided by foreign authorities, which were sold abroad so that the money could be delivered to the former occupant of the Palacio Palace. Do planalto.

The federal authorities explicitly accuse him in the files of being part of a criminal organization and its main beneficiary, which transferred very valuable items from the Presidency of the Republic, which were smuggled abroad, to be sold and the values ​​transferred to it. This is similar to the far-right politician who is accustomed to anti-corruption and moral discourse. He left for the United States on December 30, 2022, while he was still in office, to use the presidential plane in the plan, according to investigation documents.

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